Collaboration – is it true?

It really doesnt seem that long ago that we were all huddled up in the examination hall going over DCFs, theories of organizational behaviour, statistics and such! And of course not forgetting, the dreaded accounting. Which was actually not very difficult in the end (thanks to some uber tutoring by a fellow classmate).

So one of the key things which Cambridge Judge brings up to differentiate itself is the collaborative ethos! Now… is it TRUE? Or just one of those woolly things which is often said but not meant.  For me, it was a key reason for deciding to come here and I had actually spoken to an ex-colleague who was on the program to verify the claims and also had a litmus test when I spoke to the students during my Round 2 interview last year (seems so long ago now). But now that I am in the program, its been proven time and time again. So, a bit of a background: quite a number of us have never taken accounting… and one of key learnings from the financial reporting course is to build either a cashflow statement, balance sheet or income statement when presented with two other financial statements (good skill to have). What started as a question on our facebook group to ask for help in preparing for the accounting exam quickly turned into a full blown class session with my German classmate voluntering to have a go. So yes, in the end, we had probably close to 30 people sitting in the session. I must say he did a fantastic job and finished my exam in a stress free manner (enjoyed it actually) and with 15 minutes to spare (this is a 1 hour exam)…

After the exams ended, there was a big bash organized by the Cambridge Business Club and then just this Monday was our first week of class. Heaps of things happening; new classes like Strategy, Financial Management, Operations Management (my favourite subject actually!) and more. We have a total of 7 modules. Throw in my marathon training and the rest of the MBA ECA, and its definitely a packed schedule.

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