Monthly Archives: April 2012

GCP experience in Sri Lanka

Vanakkam (Hello) from Batticaloa (Batti), Sri Lanka (or, the region of the singing fish, as the locals call it) I’m composing this post while sitting in a local bus that is winding through the roads of Batti, having just finished a field visit to view palmyrah tree products woven by local women. In the background,Read more

Interviews, Insights, and Personal Interests

The third week of our global consulting project is coming to a close, and for the past week and a half, it’s pretty much been all interviews, all the time. As we work to squeeze the financial data that we need from our client to address the cost efficiency problems we’re investigating, we’ve started aRead more

Special Interest Groups for Cambridge MBAs

Cambridge Judge MBA, a great business school at the heart of a world-class university. It sounds cheesy but that’s the way it is: whatever field of research or subject you may be interested in, you’ll find lots of opportunities to learn about it from the best experts around the world, both from the academic communityRead more