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Johannesburg Trek: Ian’s view

Johannesburg city with the sun setting in the background

First let’s set the scene, with some background music: African drums in the background… bring in some guitar… some bongos… and then the adventure begins… Beautiful sunsets, lions, wildlife, wild people, load shedding, mini-bus taxis, 11 official languages, the Springboks, biltong, Madiba, Mzansi, South Africa. I don’t think I need to give you any more […]

The (Emotional) MBA

Priyanka 660 x 330

When people ask me what I am doing and I say I am wrapping up my M.B.A, I can immediately see them visualize me in a suit at a multi-national corporation even though I am wearing a pink dress with marigolds printed on it and sipping coffee in a cafe tucked in a quiet corner […]

A summer challenge: On the front line...

Doctor is using a Tablet PC.

                        After a thoroughly enjoyable nine month journey on the MBA so far, I’ve extensively transformed myself – learning from everyone around me. Cambridge really does gets the best out of you; challenges are not new to anyone here as everyone in the class […]

Aiducation: Transforming lives beyond...

respect the mustache 660 x 330

                              I didn’t expect to transform other people’s lives during my MBA – just my own – but that’s what happened in Cambridge this year. One of the traditions of the Cambridge MBA is its partnership with Aiducation, an international organisation […]

Why the MBA’s a team sport….

Team swim 660 x 330

                      I first learned of the MBA sports Tournament – MBAT – in the summer before I started studying at Cambridge. Through various internet searches while researching student activities in which to participate, I came across the official website for the largest MBA event in […]

A seat-by-seat guide to the Cambridge...

Bumps 660 x 330

                          The first seat of any day is inevitably the bike. Bikes are the connection between all the other seats in a typical Cambridge day. It never takes more than ten minutes* to get anywhere in Cambridge when you’ve got your bike. Three […]

How to host a Japan Day

Japan Day 660 x 330

By Tomo, Shingo and Masa. On May 9th 2015 our taxi was stuck in a traffic jam on the way home from MBAT Tournament at HEC Paris to Cambridge. Suddenly Shingo said, “Why don’t we organize an event that introduces Japanese culture?” This short question was enough to evoke our passion. Tomo and I replied, […]

The Cambridge China Dialogue

China-United Kingdom Handshake For Peace

By Tabs Aziz: “Last week Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) welcomed a delegation of distinguished business leaders from China led by Wang Boming, one of the founding fathers of the China’s securities market (President of the Stock Exchange Executive Council (SEEC)). Experiencing this forum first hand and having a chance to interact with some of […]

Crystallising learning into praxis

Cristillising praxis featured 660 x 320px

Waking up to full-on sunshine and a chorus of exotic birds, we started every day of our Global Consulting Project (GCP) in Belo Horizonte, Brazil with a fresh mind. And although the four weeks flew by- they certainly left us with a number of crucial experiences to take forward. Our first-hand challenge in Latin America […]

It took an MBA to make me realise tha...

Pam&Gela featured 660 x 320px

I ate Thai food at the same restaurant every lunch for a week; I think that was about the only constant from the first three weeks of our Global Consulting Project (GCP). By the time I headed back to Cambridge, I had flown for 57.5 hours, changed my bed 11 times, experienced a snow storm […]

Tracing the Silicon boom

Map of the Silicon Valley section of California - San Francisco and Palo Alto

We’re just entering the final week of our Global Consulting Project and all sad that we’re nearing the end of what has been a fantastic journey. It’s been great to work on an incredibly interesting project with a rapidly growing tech company in Silicon Valley. Aside from learning a huge amount on the project we’ve […]

Global Consulting Projects 2015: Week...

Copacabana feat 660 x 320

The teams report from the final week of their Global Consulting Project (GCP): CLIENT: SIAM COMMERCIAL BANK Team members: Jerry Dulayakometh, Yusuke Kobayashi, Maura Lightfoot, Yenson She and Wimonrat Wachiraksasawakul This week marked the end of our Global Consulting Project with Siam Commercial Bank, one of the largest three commercial banks in Thailand. The out-of-classroom perspective […]

Global Consulting Projects 2015: Week...

Gulftainer fog 660 x 320px

    CLIENT: GULFTAINER Team members: Lily Huang, Claus Buckert, Davy Gant, Vasileios Paschos, and Stephanie Pyne. It has been two weeks since our Global Consulting Project (GCP) team touched down at Dubai International Airport. We were promptly met by two company drivers with two individual trucks—because our luggage evidently deserved its own transportation to […]

Global Consulting Projects 2015: Week...

Alsol feat 660 x 320

  CLIENT: ALSOL Team members: Thanawan Wichienkuer, Richard Doig, Neil Madden, Miriam Noceda and Giulia Seri So what have we learnt here in Uberlandia by the second week of our project: firstly all restaurants charge for food by weight and Uberlandians party on Sundays (yes, Sunday). The language barrier still affects everything we do, but […]

Global Consulting Projects 2015: Week...

CSEM feat 660 x 320px

CLIENT: AFRICA’S VOICES FOUNDATION (ALSO KNOWN AS SIMBA’S PRIDE) Members: Render Braswell, Sarah Burslem, David Pepper, and Vera Vasilyeva I write this from our apartment in central Nairobi, where we have had an extremely interesting week.  We were able to meet a consultant working on the Well Told Story project (funded by the Gates Foundation) and an […]

Global Consulting Projects 2015: Week...

Iberdrol feat 660 x 320

During the Global Consulting Project, MBAs form teams to consult with blue-chip multinational corporations or international organisations on a particular aspect of their business. We asked a selection of the GCP teams to send us a snapshot of their week’s activities. Come back for next week’s installment. CLIENT: MERCK CONSUMER HEALTH Team members: Veena Adityan, Bhawna Arora, […]

A deep delve into Finance

Shree CVP team 660 x 320px

From the very early stages, I was convinced the Cambridge programme aligned with what I was looking for in an MBA: from globally diverse classmates to brilliant lecturers, all integrated within one of the world’s best universities—the list goes on. Having previously worked for the finance industry in analytical roles based in Bangalore and Gurgaon, […]

Shaking things up, with a purpose

Social innovation globe 660 x 320

This time last year I never imagined I would be sitting in a hall of residence, surrounded by the paraphernalia of student life, writing about my experiences of studying for an MBA at the University of Cambridge.  And yet, here I am. I’ll admit my decision to go to business school raised a few eyebrows […]

How to approach an MBA competition

Trophy 660x320

In just one month we’ll be in Dubai, pitching an innovative social start-up idea to an executive jury, as a regional finalist team in the Hult Prize Competition (the development challenge set by former President Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative). We’re incredibly excited to be part of a competition that has been named “the […]

Flash Forward: Looking back on Michae...

Xavier Christmas tree 660 x 320

The first term seemed to just happen, in the flashes of flashes. It has been a period of both getting settled into a new home and experiencing a unique curriculum that has given me invaluable insights into the makings of great leaders and managers. Yet it has not been until well into the winter break […]

The Cambridge MBA

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Gunnar HerzigGunnar Herzig

Gunnar is a 2015/2016 MBA student. Prior to the MBA he worked for a German energy company with a particular focus on renewables (esp. offshore wind energy). He holds a degree in International Business Administration and participated in student exchange programmes to the US and Singapore. He loves literature (esp. Thomas Mann) and classical music.

Ian PietersIan Pieters

Ian is a 2015/2016 MBA student. Prior to the MBA he worked as an electrical engineer in South Africa. He holds a MEng degree in Project Management, a BEng Honours degree in Environmental Engineering and a BEng degree in Electrical Engineering. He loves sport and plays tennis, rugby, cricket and also attempts to play golf.

Will SterlingWill Sterling

Will is an MBA student from the 2014-2015 class. Previously he worked in private wealth management where he developed and managed investment strategies, and as a private contractor for the US Department of Defense before that. Along the way he has helped grow his family’s healthcare business in Huntsville, AL, as well.

Priyanka AgarwalPriyanka Agarwal

Priyanka is a MBA student in the 2014-2015 class. She has worked in power, steel and education. She holds a Bachelors degree in Economics and International Studies from Northwestern University. When she is not eating thai food, she loves travel, art, books, people who can cook and a good laugh.

Krish VallurupalliKrish Vallurupalli

Krish was a Research Scientist in the pharmaceutical industry prior to starting his MBA in 2014. Krish previously graduated with a master’s degree in drug metabolism & toxicology from King’s College London. Post-MBA, he hopes to pursue a career path in healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. In his spare time, he is a creative content designer and an avid photographer.

David PepperDavid Pepper

David is an MBA student from the 2014-2015 class. Prior to Cambridge he worked in several commercial management roles in the pharmaceutical and consumer industries working in Europe and Asia. In his spare time he loves performing music, travelling and being Director of Aiducation the charity.

Maura LightfootMaura Lightfoot

Maura is an international human resources professional with six years of experience working in professional services firms and an interest in the overlap between business and culture. With experience in five countries, she is a proud member of the MBA class of 2014-2015.

Alex BunceAlex Bunce

Alex worked in Australasia and the UK as a engineering consultant/project manager before starting the MBA programme at Cambridge. He was part of a strong Kiwi contingent in the 2014-2015 class and hopes to keep rowing when eventually back in NZ.

Yoshiki TsukamotoYoshiki Tsukamoto

Yoshiki Tsukamoto is a member of the MBA class of 2014-15. Joining from Japan, Yoshiki previously worked in sales management at Zephyr Corporation.

Shreetama DattaShreetama Datta

Shreetama is an MBA student in the 2014-2015 class. She has worked for 4 years as a risk professional at American Express and ANZ Bank. She holds a Bachelors degree in Statistics and Masters degree in Applied Statistics and Informatics. In her spare time, she likes to travel, explore cities and take photographs.

Zoe CullenZoe Cullen

A member of the 2014-15 MBA class, Zoë is an international environment and development professional with nine years' experience working for a leading global wildlife conservation NGO, working in a range of countries. She has particular interests in enterprise-based models for delivering positive conservation and development impacts, and in corporate leadership in environmental and social responsibility.