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An MBA Odyssey to New York City

An MBA Odyssey to New York City

Two weeks ago, my team (Abhinav, Andrew, João, Kristin, and I) embarked on a fantastic, business-school sponsored trip to New York City to take part in the “MBA Odyssey” competition. The “MBA Odyssey” is an annual event for the world’s top MBA providers that is hosted by Columbia Business School. This year’s illustrious participants included:Read more

Global Consulting Project 2014: GOAL – Tongo and the VSL visit

The beginning of our second week in Sierra Leone has been spent out in the field again, speaking with local villagers in Tongo, Lower Bambarra. This has been an invaluable exercise for us all, and it has also enabled us to see a lot more of rural Sierra Leone than we thought we would. TheRead more

Global Consulting Project 2014: GOAL on the road in the Kenema…

Our second day in Kenema has been spent in a Toyota 4×4 (an awesome vehicle if ever there was one) travelling cross-country via muddy, rocky, hilly roads and into small villages for site visits. The purpose of the site visits was for us to see who the customers of Alafia latrines are, and what the customerRead more

Global Consulting Project 2014: Introducing team: GOAL, Sierra Leone

[THE BRIEF]: We’re four MBA students from Cambridge Judge Business School about to embark on a 2.5 week trip to Sierra Leone to examine the Alafia sanitation marketing programme that GOAL are running in Kenema, the third largest city in Sierra Leone. There’s a day to go before the four of us fly out. AfterRead more

The Growth of MBA Careers in the Social Innovation Space

  On Monday 17 February 2014, 12 members of the Cambridge Judge Business School Social Innovation Student Interest Group (SIG) visited five social impact organisations in London as part of a student-led ‘Career Trek’. From capacity building at UnLtd, impact investing at home at Big Social Capital and in emerging markets–at Acumen and Pearson AffordableRead more

First step in tackling the Hult Prize – non-communicable diseases in urban slums

In the mid-19th Century, Cholera used to be known as “The King” in London.  In slum areas particularly, its spread was fast, ferocious and fatal. So when tasked with addressing health in today’s urban slums, it may perhaps be surprising that non-communicable diseases – cancers, mental health disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases – areRead more

Kickstarting a Tea Business

It started as a simple idea born in an entrepreneurship class during the Cambridge MBA. Well a seemingly simple idea – to deliver the best tea from around the world, for free. As I folded my 400th booklet to go into our tea boxes, already three months past our delivery date, I had to laughRead more

My mission to start a company in the next 12 months…

I’ve come to Cambridge Judge Business School with a mission:  Start a company in the next 12 months, or stop talking about it.   I’m what many would deride as a ‘wantrapreneur. ’  I’ve been brainstorming ideas, creating wireframes, and buying domain names for years, but I’ve never actually created a finished product that someone couldRead more

Starting a new business after the MBA

Best laid plans: I didn’t come to Cambridge with a plan to start a business. Following a six-year stint in the military, I wanted a change of pace. I was looking forward to a year abroad to build my business skills. I was also looking forward to the massive raise in salary that a consultingRead more

Incredible India: part two of my experience meeting the founder of Infosys

Infosys InStep Programme: The campus in Bangalore is simply amazing.  All interns are given accommodation and free cab rides so they can visit the surroundings.  I get to walk through beautiful gardens, fountains and futuristic buildings on my way into the office.  There’s a gym, swimming pool, shops, restaurants… everything an internship participant needs.  AndRead more

Incredible India: my extraordinary encounter with the famous founder of Infosys

Fortune Magazine says he’s one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time.  And I got the chance to work with him this summer during my MBA internship at Infosys.  Mr Narayana Murthy is no stranger to anyone in today’s business world.  In 1981 along with six other Indian businessmen he founded Infosys, an IT servicesRead more

From Marshmallows to MBA

As I sit on the edge on my bed eagerly waiting to see what lies ahead in my second week at Cambridge, I cannot stop but reminisce how I got here. I have to confess that it was not an entirely rational approach that got me here. As a marketer, I believe emotions play aRead more

A Fitting End to My MBA Experience

The last day of the MBA programme was no ordinary day for me. The morning began with a guided tour of Tate Modern, followed by a visit to the Edge of Arabia Gallery – a unique gallery supporting arts and culture from Saudi Arabia. In the afternoon, our group of forty or so MBAs hadRead more

The world of responsible investing…

Old buildings with picturesque views of the British countryside. An academic institution with hundreds of years of history. A lecture room filled with leading academics and practitioners. Another day in Cambridge? Actually, it was my first day in St. Andrews, Scotland. The end of the Easter term was an opportune time to take advantage ofRead more

The perks of being part of the University of Cambridge

Other than maybe that one school that lies slightly to the west of us, there simply is no other MBA program that can offer you what Cambridge Judge Business School has to offer. While I would gladly like to say that statement applies to most contexts, today I am referring to all the events andRead more

My Lent Bumps (Rowing) Experience

There I was in the boat, heart thumping, hearing the countdown from the coach on the bank 20, 19, 18…., and then a command from the boatmen, “bow pair take a stroke!” to push the boat slightly ahead and before I knew it, 2..1.. “BANG” the cannon went off and there it was my firstRead more

Of reinvention and videogames

In the world of business school marketing, flexibility is a term that is often used to describe the versatility and wide ranging applicability of an MBA program. Almost every top Bschool ends up promising versatile course content and fluid program boundaries, all of which are aimed at helping students tailor their MBA experience and career outcomes. At Cambridge JudgeRead more

Why I chose The Cambridge MBA over another UK MBA programme

A year ago, I was in a fortunate position to choose between Cambridge and another UK business school for my MBA. I did my research and preferred Cambridge Judge Business School for a  few important reasons – 1)  the concentrations on offer 2)  a better project focus 3)  the small class-size and 4) location – not necessarily in that order.Read more

‘Beyond Profit’ career trek to London

Towards the end of last year, members of the Beyond Profit Special Interest Group (SIG) headed to London for a career trek.  We met with organisations and individuals working in the beyond profit space, including LeapFrog Labs, On Purpose, Tata Consultancy Services, CARE International UK, and an alumni who has worked extensively in the beyondRead more

Everybody’s doing it…

The first thing you might ask when considering to study your MBA, is why? These days it seems like every man and his dog is doing a MBA at some business school, whether it is through a South African university, online, through a satellite campus or oversees. For me personally the decision was mostly basedRead more