Wow… its a week to the exams and writing this post is a much needed break from learning financial reporting. For some of my classmates with prior experience in finance and accounting, this should be a breeze (or is it?). I must say that for someone with no prior experience in both areas, its been a real positive to my time here at Cambridge. This was also a gap which I had recognized while at work and wanted to use the MBA to gain the knowledge to understand the financial mumbo jumbo (DCF, NPV, ROCE, EPS, Capital vs Debt vs Equity) and the differentiation between an Income Statement vs Balance Sheet vs Cash Flow Statement!!! For those of you who are at a loss about what I am talking about…..that just means the MBA is good for you!!! For those of you who understand what I am talking about, that means the MBA will be a tiny bit easier for you… as far as the first term and technical understanding comes in. But the key learning for (most… if not all) my classmates) would be the Cambridge Venture Project. Imagine if you were thrown in with a bunch of strangers and having to learn about each other’s culture, working styles and adapt as you go along.  It is challenging! Friction does occur and all the self reflection was captured by each of us in our Management Practice essay. This could be seen as fluff, but it will probably be the most important thing that any of us will remember. Anyway I promise to blog a bit more…. and perhaps post some pictures up.

Bronson Toh