I have always been enthralled by mashups of two different mediums, two diverse artists or apparently incompatible hardware or software.

When mashups are executed to perfection, they are impactful because they mix two distinct entities to form a new, richer entity. Take for example DJ Danger Mouse and his mashup classic, The Grey Album. I will rein in my inner nerd and avoid giving you the details, but in essence the DJ mixed rapper Jay-Z’s ‘The Black Album’ and the classic album ‘The Beatles’ (a.k.a The White Album). The results were spectacular.

Cambridge Judge Business School, in my opinion, is a well-executed mashup.

  • Consider the architecture; a classic façade outside and exciting shapes and bright colours inside.
  • Consider the location; right in the heart of one of the oldest universities and right next to the cutting edge entrepreneurial hub of the United Kingdom.
  • Consider the students chosen to be a part of the program; an older, experienced cohort, yet young enough to be curious (and knowing how to let their hair down after a busy week)

I will be shameless here and plug my own mashup, a Blaiku. Blaiku is a blog post in the Haiku form. The following Blaikus capture my honest perception of the Judge Business School ethos. (Disclaimer: Purists may wince about the missing ‘kigo’ or ‘kire’, but I will admit that my Blaiku skills are still a work in progress.)



is the way of life at Judge

not just a buzz word

More lessons are learnt

in the cafeteria;

out-standing peers

Your learning is

limited by openness;

it is limitless

You are taught to fish

and cast the net deep enough

to trap the oysters