The summer has finally, after months of waiting, arrived in Cambridge.  The clouds have cleared and the puddles and muddy walkways have dried.  This change in weather proves an encouraging entrance into the next chapter of life for this year’s MBA class.

The chapter I am amidst writing this summer is dedicated to starting a business.  Using the independent project (IP) elective as a stepping stone, an amazing team and I are launching a venture focused on facilitating out-of-game purchases of downloadable content (e.g. currency and character development items) over the Internet. The venture enables non-gamers (i.e. those not keen on video games) a means to say thank you and celebrate with those in the digital gaming community though gifting of virtual goods.

There are indeed many struggles to turn this idea into a reality.  I am positive we will confront numerous obstacles and experience massive changes in business vision. Nevertheless, these impediments can be mitigated through staying flexible, listening to potential customers, and testing our strategy through numerous product iterations.

I look forward to sharing my start-up experiences and lessons learned in this blog.  Comments, questions, suggestions, and feedback are indeed welcome and encouraged via the site or this dedicated market survey.