As I sit on the edge on my bed eagerly waiting to see what lies ahead in my second week at Cambridge, I cannot stop but reminisce how I got here. I have to confess that it was not an entirely rational approach that got me here. As a marketer, I believe emotions play a bigger role in choices, although my Economics professor Dr. Jochen Runde will suggest all choices are assumed to be rational.

Having worked for a little over than 8 years across 2 industries, 2 countries and 2 companies, I decided that I needed an MBA to both accelerate my career and gain an international network. I was firm that I want to stayed out of a job for less than a year, due to the high opportunity cost on a 2 year MBA and because I had a clear career goal. This immediately trickled down my search to a few big schools in the world. I ruled out an MBA in India, as I already had the benefit of a good Indian brand name through my under-graduate degree.

I clearly remember my first visit to Cambridge Judge Business School in October 2012 and being pleasantly confused by the creativity in the architecture of the school’s building. The ice-breaking session organised by the Admissions team required us to work together, collaboratively on a task. But most importantly, I was impressed by how the school communicated the essence of an MBA and the type of students it expected to recruit, in a simple and fun way- involving marshmallows!

I was lucky enough to receive an offer from 3 Schools on my list. It was a tough decision but I decided that Cambridge was better suited to my career goals in Consulting/Industry. Cambridge also offered the best combination of affordability, selectivity and diversity. It was important for me to be close to London, and not have to wade through visa processes and immigration departments of other countries. Plus the old and beautiful buildings steeped in history and creativity, along with the strong brand recognition of the University of Cambridge, helped me come to my final decision.

I am positive that I am in the best University in the world and amongst 141 of the world’s best emerging leaders in the world.

Vignesh Chandran, Cambridge MBA Class of 2013.