People regard the MBA as an important threshold, and hope to widen their horizons by crossing it. Be this a promotion in their current career, a great opportunity in a new industry, developing a start-up, or even taking a period off to explore and consider their next step. For me, the most important factor in pursuing an MBA is career-related; through its international platform, I intend to integrate my existing knowledge with world advanced business concepts in order to bring these back to China and realize my career blueprint.

My pre-MBA path

During the past seven years, I have served in a top Chinese futures brokerage firm and two international exchanges. One critical part of my role was to help Chinese companies understand how to use derivatives tools to hedge their risk exposures. Through these close connections with many successful Chinese entrepreneurs, I found that they neither had the awareness nor the skills in risk management. The global economic landscape has is changing astronomically–without systematic risk management, Chinese enterprises could face severe challenges to their survival against fierce international competition. This inspired me with a plan to found my own consulting firm which will specialise in helping Chinese enterprises establish their risk management systems. As such, I am eager to equip myself with advanced business management tools and concepts in a fully internationalized environment. The Cambridge MBA perfectly fits these needs.

Amongst the top one-year MBA programs world-wide, the MBA at Cambridge Judge Business School attracted me with its breadth and depth of courses, rigorous consulting projects and unique college life. However these could not compare with my joy at witnessing the multicultural student structure in Judge. The year group consists of an intimate c. 140 students drawn from more than 40 countries! I am especially looking forward to the closer interaction and collaboration with both faculty members and classmates that is brought about by the school’s unique smaller class format. My brain will be a sponge this year, ready to absorb the wisdom and experience of others. I hope this multi-cultural environment will equip me with a truly international mind, to break through the limitations of a local mindset.

The Ruth Whaley Bursary for Women in Finance

During the application process, I was fortunate to be rewarded with the Ruth Whaley Bursary for Woman in Finance. Ms. Whaley is the founder and Principal at Barset Consulting LLC, and has profound experience in the risk management area at the executive and board level. The bursary is a highly valuable recognition for me to pursue my career in risk management, and encourages me even further. I am looking forward to meeting with her during the course, as well as discussing risk management ideas in China and the world market.

As new students come and graduates go, Cambridge maintains its standing at the top of academic world. For me the intrinsic ethos behind Cambridge is to never be content with the status quo–that longing for progress in the struggle to change the world. And this is precisely why students from around the world can’t wait to set foot on its unique campus. The MBA at Cambridge Judge Business School provides many opportunities, opening not only new perspectives on what is possible, but the ways to get there. I am sure that our MBA journey will not just be a learning period, but a precious and unique memory which with remain in our imagination, dreams and expectations for future life.

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