By Tabs Aziz:

“Last week Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) welcomed a delegation of distinguished business leaders from China led by Wang Boming, one of the founding fathers of the China’s securities market (President of the Stock Exchange Executive Council (SEEC)). Experiencing this forum first hand and having a chance to interact with some of the greatest business leaders in China, who took the country through a ground-breaking transformation, is one of the many privileges of being a Cambridge Judge Business School student.

The delegation of Chinese leaders brought their vision of the future of China, addressing some key current issues. While on the other side, CJBS faculty shared some of their latest research. Esteemed guests included Sir James Mirrlees, Nobel Laureate for Economics. While topics of discussion included: Womenomics in China, SME competitiveness, alternative finance and global competition under the ‘new normal’ of the Chinese economy.

Being an entrepreneurship enthusiast, the topic that attracted me the most was the issue of investment in China for small innovative entrepreneurs. A concern that most guests agreed upon is that the manufacturing industry in China will gradually lose its competitiveness and the Chinese economy must rely on new sources of growth generation. At the same time, China’s growth is constrained by two major factors – environment and limitation of resources. Traditionally Chinese business investment has consisted of large scale investments in well-established organisations. China must increasingly embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley and ensure small, gradual investments in SMEs with new innovative offerings. Given the environmental restraints faced by China, it is no surprise that Cleantech is a sector of keen interest. Innovation must be the vehicle to take China through the journey of economic growth in the coming decades.”



By Ian Yin:

“I was recently lucky enough to attend the ‘Cambridge China Dialogue’ – a unique meeting of delegates at Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS)’s which testifies to the business school’s strengthening links with the continent.

To simply say the day was outstanding would be an understatement. The event brought together leading thinkers from around the world, and some of the most distinguished business leaders from China. Among the panels were Boming Wang (President of China’s Stock Exchange Executive Council), Christoph Loch (Director of the Business School), Sir James Mirrlees (Nobel Laureate for Economics) and Dongming Wang (Chairman of Citic group), just to name a few.

This line-up inevitably generated rigorous thought exchanges and fast-paced discussions. The panels openly discussed some of the most topical issues in China such as the capital market reforms, the competitiveness of private enterprises and the role of R&D in future economic growth.

For me, the most impressive topic of discussion was the ‘New Norm’ of China’s economy, as the delegates brought together their seasoned knowledge of China’s investment & spending, capital market reforms, research and development and government policies in the most thought provoking way.

To me, this event could not have happened at a better time, or for a better reason. As China is on its way to becoming the world’s leading economy, Cambridge Judge Business School is increasingly asking the right questions, as a result of its unique depth of connection with Chinese enterprise.”