I consider myself extremely privileged to have been elected to help lead the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) for Cambridge Judge Business School.

One of the aims of the WLI is to undertake actions that help build a more collaborative and liberating society for both genders of future generations. Our focus is on collaboration and growth, encouraging gender diversity in various areas, be it politics, education or business.

This year, I have worked to bring in inspirational women leaders to Judge Business School. Inviting and learning from female leaders such as Sarah Rhodes from Amazon and Smaranda Gosa-Mensing from McKinsey and Company.

To be able to interview Marty Wikstrom and Lois Jacobs and learn about their leadership styles has been amazing. We’re also looking forward to hosting a major conference this summer to learn from other women leaders from all across the world.

Why the WLI?

As a mother of two very little girls, I understand how hard it is for women with ambition to be able to do the balancing act between professional ambitions and personal responsibilities. My MBA class has dozens of young mothers (and mothers/fathers to be) who are ambitious, determined and talented and we realise how fortunate we are to have the right support and often, the right role models.

My MBA class, unfortunately however, is not a complete reflection of the real business world. Less than 25% women make it to board level roles in UK. The figures are even more dismal globally.

I believe that even today, not only are women often offered the same opportunities as men, but also a lot of them just choose to opt out of promotions, better jobs or even being ambitious. Reasons for opting out might be a lack of support, peer-pressure, lack of confidence or maybe just a lack of the right role models.

By celebrating women leaders at the WLI, I hope to encourage more women and men to understand the challenges we face and symbiotically grow together as a society.