Over March and April 2017, I chose to accept a mission to work with a team of dedicated professionals for our Cambridge MBA GCP. My team consisted of Danielle Devenuti (codename ‘The PM’), Dandi Li (codename ‘X-Factor’), Moji Olawoyin (codename ‘Super Researcher’), and myself (codename ‘Consultant’).

American Airlines aspires to be the greatest airline in the world and are arguably primed to achieve that goal by having the largest fleet, multiple routes and innovative offerings.

We would endeavor to uncover passenger pain points and enhance overall customer experience for American Airlines at Heathrow Terminal 3.

For this project, we researched various passenger personas to identify opportunities for improvement throughout customer journeys. Through data analysis and passenger interviews made it clear that American Airlines had improved their operational performance but needed a breath of fresh air to revamp customer experience.

In an effort to understand what solutions could be introduced to enhance passenger experience, the team dived into uncovering what airlines, airports and other industries were doing to enhance customer satisfaction. Learnings from companies with strong brand presence, innovative customer engagement and premium service delivery led to development of key recommendations.

We developed recommendations which aim to resolve pain points throughout the passenger journey. The client was pleased with the recommendations that we presented and are working on the next steps.

In addition, the whole experience taught us how to apply what we have learned in class, how to work together as a very diverse group of individuals, and how to challenge each other to deliver something of quality and substance.