Journey to Cambridge

I had just finished a call shift in the labour and delivery department and I was en route to the library. I stopped by the hospital cafeteria for a fresh cup of coffee and sat down ready to write. MBA applications coincided with my obstetrics and gynecology rotation, and essay writing and CV review had become my new extracurricular activities. As a third-year medical student at the University of Michigan, I was at an early stage in my career; yet I had been challenged by inefficiencies in the United States healthcare system. I was excited to broaden my toolbox through an MBA to one day tackle these issues, and though this application process differed from the one for applying to medical school, I was eager to engage. I followed the blog posts and eagerly refreshed my inbox in search of news regarding my admission status.

“Why Cambridge?” I’m often asked. On the 4th of July, I was studying for an upcoming final exam when I took a study break to look into MBA programs. I was preparing to apply for a dual MD/MBA program through my medical school, but wanted to apply to more programs. Amongst the top-rated MBA programs, I found Cambridge Judge. Perusing their admissions page, I saw that the careers office hosted events, and that there was a United States event the next day. By a stroke of luck, one spot remained for a one-on-one skype CV review. I excitedly signed up for the slot. I conducted this meeting from an on-call room at the hospital before my school day began. The director I spoke with was encouraging and went on to put me in touch with a current student who answered all the questions I had. Cambridge went above and beyond to help me solidify my decision to apply, and I couldn’t be happier that I did.

Upon receiving my acceptance, I was elated. The diverse class, encouragement of women leadership, and resources available to students made the decision easy, and away to Cambridge I went.

Life across the Pond

What is this, a scene from Harry Potter? No, this is just a Thursday evening dinner. Rooted in tradition, the University of Cambridge continues to require gowns to be worn for formal dinners – and honestly, no one is complaining. Between the gowns, candlelit cathedrals, and well-manicured gardens, this surreal experience is like a scene from a movie.

Sprinkled into accounting ledgers and bond valuation, I find myself taking weekend trains to London and having potlucks with the national dishes of my classmates. The best part of this whirlwind experience, you may ask? That’s easy: my classmates. This international network of diverse humans that I have the privilege to study with have taught me about culture, geography, and the secret shopping page of Bloomberg. They have hosted review sessions in their areas of expertise, and readily connect you to whomever they can to help your goals become a reality. The opportunity to take a step back from medicine and see the world through the eyes of an entrepreneur, an investor, an accountant, etc – has given me the chance to expand the lenses through which I see this world.

As I reflect on the last few months, I’m grateful for the opportunities that have come my way. Through our program we’ve gotten the chance to participate in business projects with real clients, applying what we’ve learn in our coursework. Opportunities to take on extracurricular healthcare projects are countless, and the careers team and student body have been behind me every step of the way offering support and opportunities. To all those applicants considering Cambridge, or to those that are counting the days until they get their own gown, you’re at the beginning of an exciting journey. To hear more about how the MBA will be applied to my medical career, watch this video.