In this, the third of our “GCP Despatches from the Field” series, Diana shares her experience of her team’s project with Transformative, where they were based in various locations around the world.

Tranformative (UK, USA)
Diana Robinson 

Our GCP project was with Transformative, an exciting start-up that does predictive analytics in healthcare, specifically addressing sudden cardiac arrest. Their team is spread across the UK (London and Cambridge), Germany, the USA (both New York and Washington D.C.), and Estonia.

Our team worked out of a strangely laid out room on the fifth floor of Judge with unusual porthole windows from which you can hear the goings on of most other floors of the business school, and an elevator that arrived directly into it. Out of this unusual office, we created a plan for Transformative to pivot and focus on a new commercial opportunity and laid out a set of recommendations to get there.

It was exciting to work with such a diverse team of MBAs with backgrounds across a wide range of fields: computer science, management consulting, medicine, patent law, and finance. We were able to draw upon the expertise of our team’s in-house medical doctor and patent attorney for contacts, as well as deep analysis into these areas which proved crucial to the project.

Three members of the team went to New York over the course of the project and two of us were able to meet with Transformative’s CEO and COO in a unique vegan restaurant called Sacred Chow in Greenwich Village. It was a wonderful opportunity to debrief and reflect on the results and findings of the project in person, in advance of our final presentation over Skype.

Another interesting fact about Transformative is that their executive team contains two Cambridge MBA alumni. The co-founder/Chief Medical Officer and the COO both went to CJBS. We thoroughly enjoyed our month working with Transformative and learned much about the functioning of start-ups and predictive analytics in healthcare.