The end of the Michaelmas Term came quicker that I could imagined. How had we learned so much in so little time? As we all spent that last couple of weeks recalling WACC, Financial statements, r-squared and other terms, we made time to help each other. This type of collaboration is what truly defines this programme. Coming from a non-quantitative background, I was particularly happy to have the help of my classmates (and their partners) while revising for exams. Michaelmas Term may be over but our journey is just beginning, and these bonds are priceless.

On the Saturday after our last exam, a classmate organised a group dinner at one of the oldest and most well-known Cambridge college, King’s College. The Gothic architecture and the paintings of England’s past leaders made for an enchanting setting for our class dinner. We were lucky to have about half of our class participate. Along with their partners and the Master of Finance students, the guest count was over 250. It was more than just another formal dinner; it was a stress reliever and a start to the holiday season.

In a class with 51 nationalities and avid travelers, not many people stayed in Cambridge for the break. In fact, there were several career treks organised, including Dubai, Japan, and United Arab Emirates. As an organiser of the Dublin trek, I was thrilled to see how many companies were receptive to hosting us. We were even able to reach out to some contacts in the greater Cambridge community who were keen on helping us. We were all happy to learn more about the different companies and the city itself. Dublin is particularly attractive to those interested in tech and consulting.

After Dublin, I came back to prepare for interviews and for the start of the term. Lent Term is a bit shorter than Michaelmas, so I know it will flash by even faster. I am looking forward to my new course programme, especially my electives. This term, I have chosen to take Managing Big Data Analysis and Marketing and Innovation in Emerging Markets. I will also be auditing ‘Doing Good Well’ to learn about how I can best use my business skills to make a social impact. My electives blend my interests in technology, marketing and strategy, so I am anxious to get started.