The Cambridge MBA has been an extraordinary experience filled with unique and amazing opportunities, and how grateful I am to share this together with my wife and three kids.  Cambridge is a place that is difficult to describe, other than that it is a special place.  There is a spirit of education that is palpable as you walk down the same streets some of the greatest minds have walked for the past 800 years. Having my family here to experience this journey is at times a challenge, to give the proper balance to both them and schooling; but at the same time, it is absolutely incredible to be able to experience this adventure together.

For years I had never thought about doing an MBA, but now looking back I can’t imagine my life without Cambridge and my classmates. Over the past months I have been pushed, pulled and stretched in ways that have added to my character. I have done things I never thought I could or would. I have travelled and created one-of-a kind memories with my family that have brought us closer together.  To say that this experience has been a blessing in my life would be an understatement and I feel so much gratitude to have been chosen to represent this amazing school and programme. I hope you enjoy a little glimpse into what our life is like here in Cambridge and one day have the opportunity to experience it yourself.

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