As we continue our series on the Special Interest Groups from MBA Class of 2020 we meet the Co-chairs of the Energy & Environment SIG and those from the Tech SIG, taking their sector passions and experience beyond the MBA classroom.

Venkatesh Hemadribhotla, Co-chair, Energy & Environment (EE) SIG,

The vision for the EE SIG this year is to create value not only to the SIG members but also to the broader MBA/MFin cohort through the sharing of industry experience. There are over 45 people interested this year in the SIG. I was amazed to see how quickly each member could identify themselves with the SIG values and how many members are ready to take up responsibility for engagement with the SIG.

During our online sessions last term, we quickly realised that despite such a diverse background, a sense of unity is apparent while working towards defining a set of goals for the SIG.

The main activities for SIG this year will be EE Talks from industry experts focusing in the areas of renewables, cleantech, sustainability and the circular economy.
The SIG will also be working with Cambridge University Energy Network (CUEN) and supporting the flagship CUEN Energy conference during April/May.
Last but not least, we will be working closely with the careers team and alumni for recruitment opportunities.

Renewables are the future, and sustainability is one of the hot topics. We have conducted surveys among members and have already identified some experts in the field to organise industry talks. The leadership team is working towards establishing connections with external contacts such as companies in the renewables space and internal contacts such as SMEs from the previous alumni to address renewables, sustainability and the subsequent environment benefits.

I understand SIG leadership is a responsibility which requires vision and strong business skills. Leading the Energy SIG is quite a challenging and interesting role for me. Everybody in the team is an expert in their respective domains and has their opinion and perspective. To align these points of view without leaving something out and to walk towards the common goals is exciting.
Experience is a real asset in the energy industry, and I have had an opportunity to lead multi skilled teams in the sector. I hold 12+ years of experience in the industry with the responsibility of keeping people, environment, and assets safe for major national and International oil and gas companies.

I have immense passion for this sector, and I would love to share my experience and contribute to the cohort whilst learning from their experience.
As a leader of the Energy SIG, I thrive on giving back and helping members to develop knowledge and a deeper network in this fascinating and challenging industry.

Alessandra Kortenhorst is also Co-chair of the Energy & Environment SIG, a position that aligns well with her five years plus professional experience working across the sustainability space. Her aim is to use the position to help more of her peers explore opportunities for market-driven impact careers. Far from a niche topic, energy and environment are cross-cutting issues that companies are increasingly forced to grapple with, as the risks and consequences of climate change grow. Having spent the last several years of her career working in emissions abatement from oil and gas, Alessandra’s step into this leadership position is part of her longer term objective to encourage more gender diversity in an otherwise highly male-dominated industry.

Post-graduation, Alessandra aims to apply her wide sustainability experience, in combination with the Cambridge MBA’s latest thinking in strategy and execution, to help a large company focus their business on a winning sustainability strategy.

Adhikar Babu, Co-chair, Technology SIG,

Technology is no longer “just” an enabler. We can witness the current pandemic accelerating the digital adoption in multiple walks of life. I started my career as a TMT (tech, media and telecoms) analyst and moved further in the tech space, ultimately launching a SaaS (software as a service) for the automotive industry.

I stood up for the Tech SIG leadership in order to meet like-minded peers and explore further career opportunities. At the Tech SIG, we want to focus on three core areas – Explore: Understand the various roles and opportunities in the Tech sector. Learn: Gain skills relevant to tech roles. Connect: Meet relevant people to discover career opportunities.

Mayanka Sheoran, Co-chair, Technology SIG,

Tech is for everyone. Companies and industries are reinventing themselves and as future leaders and business owners, we all need to be equipped to move at the pace technology is evolving. Irrespective of our roles and industries, we all need to understand technology.

One of my major goals for the Tech SIG this year is to create value for every member of the cohort. We are trying to leverage Cambridge’s tech eco-system as well as the tech communities at Oxford and LBS to create a wider network that everyone can benefit from.

And lastly we hear from Ezinne Onyeka, Co-chair, Technology SIG;

I am an ex-Big 4 consultant with five years’ experience in strategy and financial consulting. Prior to the MBA, I advised international and domestic clients on operations and corporate risk strategy. Post-MBA, I intend to continue in Strategy consulting, providing value in functional areas like business development, product strategy and partnership developments. I decided on this leadership position in the Tech SIG because I wanted to support those in the cohort interested in tech to develop their own technical skills and find fulfilling roles post-MBA.

Prior to the Cambridge MBA and over last summer, I had conversations with Cambridge Judge alumni currently working in non-tech roles in some of the biggest tech companies. These conversations, in-depth research and preparatory mock interviews provided valuable insight for the recruitment season. I am aware that a number of the Tech SIG members hope to continue their careers in non-tech roles, I therefore intend to use the insight obtained from these conversations as well as my in-depth research, to help prepare the Tech SIG for the ongoing recruitment cycle.

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