In mid April I had the opportunity, along with some of my MBA cohort, to speak with Cambridge Judge alumnus Hamza Mudassir about his career path and views on his post MBA decisions.

Encouraging us to trust in our capabilities and the attractiveness of Cambridge MBA graduates when it comes to finding a job, he mentioned a concept that I was not familiar with before the call.

Hamza pointed out the Surface Area of Luck. If it’s also new to you, Shao Zhou does an excellent job at going over it on her Medium Story. To keep it simple, the Surface Area of Luck, attributed to entrepreneur Jason Roberts (2010), implies doing:

“Something you’re passionate about combined with the total number of people to whom this is effectively communicated” — Jason Roberts

Slowly becoming an expert on a passion topic and talking about it makes others want to reach out and want a piece of that value that you are creating.

This concept quickly resonated with me and my recent first try with a crowdfunding campaign.

Back in 2017, while studying at UCLA, I had to pitch a comic book story for one of my classes. I took the extra mile, wrote a few script pages for it, hired an artist over at Fiverr for some character concept art, and got my Story Treatment, Logline, and visuals ready. It was a good presentation, far from perfect, but received enough encouragement that curiosity kept me going. ‘What if I pursued this project a bit further?’

Fast forward to 2019, and issue #1 of Endless Moons is fully illustrated. After working on the script for a few months and hiring an artist to bring it to life I had it ready to show to the world, but where to begin?

New IP, no fans or community around it, how could I possibly make it work from scratch. That’s where crowdfunding came in. Kickstarter’s comic book category is the second most successful one on the platform with a 61% success rate.

But that wouldn’t be enough. New creators rely heavily on friends and family for their first campaign. And I wasn’t sure the numbers I had in Argentina could give me the boost I needed for a campaign to succeed.

So I decided that I would wait another year before I launched the Kickstarter. I would keep on talking about this hobby of mine to anyone new I met and see where it would lead me. Parallel to this, I went through the MBA Application process and decided to pursue my degree at Cambridge. This was a great opportunity to further expand my network and try to get more people involved with the project ‘Endless Moons’ as followers.

A cohort of 174 students was a fantastic gateway to share my passion and, combined with an always supportive group of people, the odds of having more Day 1 backers increased.

Unconsciously, I was expanding my Luck Surface Area. I delayed the launch for over a year sure, but now I had access to almost 200 new peers and friends that would enthusiastically support my creative endeavour. Those are a lot of new eyeballs for a new project, plus having them kindly sharing it on socials further expanded Endless Moons reach.

I also started to reach out to other creators for mutual shout outs and tried to get myself invited to different podcasts or streams about the indie comic book world.

February 2021, and I had successfully funded Issue #1, becoming a #ProjectWeLove on Kickstarter because of its appeal and traction, which then enabled me to pre-fund part of Issue #2 with the funds raised.

Sharing art and our own creations can be tricky. It’s personal and we could fear people not liking it, but for me constantly talking about my geeky interest is paying off. I’m far from a good writer, no doubt about it, in fact, Endless Moons is my first attempt at writing science fiction, but I do it because it’s fun. And I wish others can enjoy these stories as much as I enjoy creating them. If continuously sharing what I’m doing adds more serendipity to my creative projects then I’m embracing it.

Special thanks to Hamza for bringing this cool concept to my attention!

Issue #2 is coming out this summer, and I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

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