Aiducation International is an international NGO based in Switzerland that helps to provide high school scholarships to bright and motivated youth in developing countries so that they can be future global leaders. Many students can attend school up to the high school level through government funding or other types of NGO support, but find challenging financial and societal barriers that keep them from higher education (and eventually university-level education). This is the gap that Aiducation aims to fill. We can send a single student through 4 years of schooling for as little as 2,400 GBP in total.

The UK fundraising chapter for Aiducation is based here at Cambridge Judge Business School, under the volunteer leadership of Cambridge MBA and Cambridge University PhD students.

This year was a challenging year for fundraising activities due to the number of UK lock downs and difficulties caused by COVID. Nevertheless, we are working towards funding scholarships through a few activities. First, we added an optional “donation giving” to the May Ball ticket and raised funds from Cambridge MBA students there.

And the second activity is what my fellow classmates, Michael Rees, and Ben Olson, and I have organised. It is our charity run challenge!

Across June, Cambridge Judge students are logging virtual miles through our Strava Club in a race for funding and prizes. Students paid an entry fee which covers the cost of a running shirt, with the rest going to the Aiducation scholarships. We have arranged group runs and also challenged each other to meet a goal (like a sub-6 minute mile) or pay extra in donations.

At the May Ball (planned for the end of June), we will provide prizes for students who have run the most miles, the most consistently, and for those who raise the most additional funds for the Aiducation scholarships.

Both Rachel Baxter, Forté scholarship recipient, and Michael Rees, Healthcare scholarship recipient, are current scholarship students from the Cambridge MBA Class of 2020/21 – for a full list of our scholarships visit our main MBA Scholarships web page.

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