What was your Cambridge MBA Global Consulting project experience like overall?

Doing an MBA is about charting out a transformational journey. I wanted my journey to lead me from the world of finance to the world of Design Thinking. The Global Consulting Project (GCP) with Native Design at Cambridge Judge Business School gave me an amazing opportunity to do just that. I had the chance to work with a leading design consulting firm which let me challenge both sides of my brain. My creative and analytical skills were put to the test and I could get hands on experience in a field that excites me.

What MBA learnings did you apply during the project period?

We used our modelling skills along with market research skills. Identifying market opportunities was also something we learned while working on the GCP. From our digital business class, we were able to map potential customer journeys as well.

What were your takeaways and Cambridge MBA learnings after the project? 

Our four-week project was akin to a mini-internship. It was amazing to see what we all could accomplish in just four weeks – We looked at the future of the world, discovered trends that could stick in a post COVID-19 world, designed commercial solutions for the client and devised a pricing strategy.

What was the dynamic like across the MBA team on this project? 

Working with extremely diverse and talented people in the cohort is a different form of learning in itself. You learn from their experiences and you also learn to work with people who are very different than you, which can be very challenging especially when time constraints are involved.

What was the highlight of your GCP for you?

The Cambridge MBA Global Consulting Project is designed to give us experiential insights into our dream jobs at leading companies. The highlight for me was that I got to do some which was a world apart from my previous experience. I could leverage my transferable skills and I also got to learn so much as our clients gave us masterclasses in various design techniques. It was a chance to metamorphosize into something completely different. 

What client outcomes do you think were delivered successfully? 

We were able to give them very interesting insights into the world of education through the lens of leading universities along with innovative ideas to commercialise technological solutions that would make the customer’s life easier.

Tripti worked with MBA classmates Isam Khan, Rachel Osnos and Hikaru Oikawa at Native Design.

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