A rainy Cambridge Saturday morning (yeah, I know that does not really narrow anything down) at the beginning of the year, Chaitanya, Cynthia and Harsh sat at a table brainstorming ideas for a student newsletter.

After hours of discussions (and pots of tea) around the narrative, the structure and the content – the Cambridge Student Initiative Bulletin (SIB) was formed.

To say that this year has been different is most definitely an understatement, but that didn’t stop us.

We have all conquered Zoom fatigue, despite many of our classes being held online, whilst still coming up with fun ways to stay connected. We have managed to stay connected to the world of business and our industries of interest with memorable fireside chats on events such as Gamestop, through the ‘Leading Insights’ talk series, inter-business school networking mixers, as well as the many Special Interest Groups (SIG) organised speaker series.

We have won and performed exceedingly well at Varsity matches across the year, business school case competitions and won laurels for the CJBS family.

The idea for SIB was born out of the desire to appreciate the amazing initiatives undertaken by this amazing cohort despite the adversities of the year gone by. ‘Resilient’ is definitely the most appropriate adjective to define and describe this cohort.

The Student Initiative Bulletin also became a medium for some of us to share our personal voice, to talk about our subject matter expertise and to share unsolicited advice. It became a medium to know and understand the motivations of our fellow students in the cohort. For some, it also became a medium to escape the harsh realities of various global and UK lockdowns.

We had a great time designing, writing and editing the collection of memories of the year gone by and we can only hope that everyone had a great time reliving them through the Student Initiative Bulletin.

One last time: Warmest regards from the Editorial board,

Cynthia Zheng (CBSC Communications Chair), Chaitanya Nallaparaju (CBSC Co-President) and Harsh Mohta (CBSC Treasurer)

A link to the Student Initiative Bulletin for Cambridge MBA Class of 2020/21 can be found here>

More details about the Cambridge Business School Club here>

Please note that the SIB magazines and its content is entirely produced by the student cohort and that Cambridge Judge Business School had no editorial position over its published contents.