We caught up with MBA Class of 2021/22 student Rosin Patel to hear about the exceptional stories and MBA insights that he has recorded and shared on his podcast series MBA Mic.

Interviewing and hearing stories fortnightly from his cohort of 220 classmates, Rosin has captured career sector insights from founders and serial entrepreneurs to consultants and marketeers, with some tech sector stories along the way.

This month, Anastasia Ouzouni, talks about women in the tech sector, from her experience firstly at Deliveroo and then later in eCommerce, before deciding to do an MBA.

“I want to experience as much as possible and so during the MBA I am trying to see what is happening with the metaverse, cyber security, AI, and so on, because I want to learn and I want to be the best version of myself that I can be. The basic factor that drove all my decisions was ‘Is this going to take me forward’, ‘Is this a sensible next step for me to progress my career’.”

During her MBA year, as much as her various experiences in the tech sector has shown her, Anastasia has identified that she wants to be in a leadership position, to be managing teams herself and heading up conflict management and team dynamics, communicating with many different people in her future career; as well as enabling team members to also be the best version of themselves.

Bob Mwaniki is a McKinsey Associate in Kenya. Defining himself as a tech enthusiast, he talks about his reasons for returning to Kenya.

From less inclement weather in the UK than his home in Nairobi to his wife’s burgeoning career at home, he has many reasons to return to his career path and progression with McKinsey.

Looking to the future, Bob is hoping to be part of building the future in Kenya, from the tech space, where he is personally passionate, where ‘Silicon Savannah’ offers a lot of opportunities for growth, to the economy and the enormous opportunities that exist there.

Highlighting how making impact in his career matters to him personally and emotionally, as much as it does logically and economically.

Anglo-Brazilian Nelson Adoglio talks about business and entrepreneurship in both Latin America and the UK. His latest role was at Deloitte Digital based in London.

He talks about careers in consulting and the skills and strategies required in this competitive sector, particularly for many of those choosing to do an MBA as a career path into consultancy.

Serial entrepreneur Ryan Walter is very much still ‘working’ on his businesses alongside his MBA studies.

“Getting an MBA would simultaneously get me a lot of the skills and knowledge that I needed to maximise the probability of maximum success in my next businesses.”

He highlights the most valuable outcome of his MBA has been the network he has obtained during his time at Cambridge Judge, he describes, “The limitless opportunity of extremely high quality people and innovators that I now have access to and many of which I can call my friends.”

Ryan’s model of social and tech entrepreneurship starting with personal values and creating profitable companies that fit that narrative is inspiring.

Going back to the words from Rosin at the outset of his MBA journey, “The Cambridge MBA is one of the most substantial learning journeys that I have ever taken. One that I believe will continue giving a return on investment beyond just my career, CV or networking activities. It is an adventure that you can build to achieve anything.”

Rosin has a few more weeks left to capture many more stories from across his cohort, after all he said –  “365 days of random interactions isn’t enough!”

MBA Mic can be found on – https://anchor.fm/mbamic

& on You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/c/RosinPatelMBA