Phew! I cannot believe that almost three months – one whole term of my Cambridge MBA is already over.

My official MBA activities started a week before the MBA even commenced. Five of us who did not really know one another formed a team to participate in the 10th Energy in Emerging Markets Case Competition by Duke University. We had to build a go-to-market strategy for Nithio FI to finance new renewable energy projects in Africa. The next two and half months involved pulling several all-nighters cruising through three rounds of the case together! From 85+ teams in the first round to twelve teams in the second round and five in the final round, we made it all the way through and emerged as the winners!

We were almost total strangers three months ago. But, now I know how much Faisal loves coffee, how brilliant Emily is in tactfully solving conflicts, how Jatin cannot stop pacing up and down while waiting in a room and how much Shashank cannot stand it! Taking part in this competition was definitely one of the highlights of my Cambridge MBA so far.

My Monday evenings this term have been taken up by the weekly bike ride to West Cambridge to attend Innovation I-Teams! I-Teams brings together a group of PHD and Masters students of the University of Cambridge to find potential commercialisation options for a Cambridge invention. With the tag line as “Commercialising creativity”, I-Teams has been running in the University’s Institute of Manufacturing (IFM) since 2006. Participating in I-Teams gave me the opportunity to experience first-hand the kind of deep research being done at the University of Cambridge, and how challenging it is to transform highly scientific research into a commercially viable product. As the days grew shorter and temperatures dipped this Autumn in the UK, it was tough to bring myself to cycle up to IFM each week. But nature made some of these rides unforgettable with views like the one below!

Apart from these, a whole host of other activities and events has made my last three months simply amazing! From a Diwali party, to dressing up for Halloween, playing golf, watching the Opera, Cambridge Formals, punting on the River Cam – the list goes on! The inclusive nature of the Cambridge MBA and my wonderful cohort, has also ensured that my husband, Jayanth, has been part of most of the events and as a couple we have made some wonderful memories together this term.

Oh, not to forget, the MBA classes and lectures, the pre-course works have been in full swing. The last class of the term at Cambridge Judge was a few days ago and we are now heading into exams and essay submissions. This is my MBA Stream at the end of the last class of the Michaelmas Term.

All in all, the major takeaway from this term has been “You are always short of time, never short of things to do, and prioritisation becomes second nature to you!”

I am of course, now eagerly looking forward to the rest of the MBA and all the amazing experiences it will bring in the New Year.

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