As we are heading towards the end of an eventful 2022, I am taking a moment to share my reflections on the first few months after completing my MBA at Cambridge Judge Business School.

My initial motivation to be part of the MBA at this specific university, was to surround myself with one of the most fantastic learning environments in the world. Since my arrival in Cambridge, the learning curve has been far from linear – I feel like I am still accelerating, even to pass Parker Solar Probe at some point!

As I completed my United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) internship and went full-on into entrepreneurial mode, I have only just started to feel the discomfort of living without the usual corporate or workplace support. But through this, I have worn multiple hats: business development, product management, operations, people management, strategy and operations – to name a few. I am far from being a specialist in many, yet, the journey is rewarding to link all of these normally separated dots into one holistic view of the venture. But the most significant learning from a journey continues to be flexibility, readiness to fail, pivot, and reinvent yourself. Ultimately, I started 2022 with a different business idea, and I would not predict where I would be arriving at the start of 2023!

The year 2023 is even more exciting for my start up, Tenshii’s, team and us. We have seen spectacular downfalls of centralised organisations in a decentralised world, causing interest in blockchain to go south. But current developments in AI prove that innovation takes stages to mature, and it pops up in our news feed without order or schedule. Since Tenshii falls heavily into the AI bucket, let me share my predictions for 2023 in that realm:

1. Continued advancements in natural language processing will enable AI to have more seamless conversations with humans. This will allow more intuitive interactions with virtual assistants and other AI-powered systems.

2. AI-powered systems will become more integrated into our daily lives, with more devices and applications using AI to improve their functionality and user experience.

3. Machine learning algorithms will continue to improve, allowing AI to make more accurate predictions and decisions. This will enable various applications, from improved medical diagnosis to better financial forecasting.

4. Creative industry will see the disruption caused by Generative AI. Yet, I am eager to see if multi-modal Generative AI will appear in the next 12 months, allowing us to play with models that will entertain more of our senses than one at a time!

Exciting times are ahead, and if you want to learn more about and how we want to help in learning and decisions while using the above technologies ethically and sustainably, reach out!


Kornel Grunwald can be contacted on LinkedIn –

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