For our Summer Term at Cambridge Judge Business School my 2022/23 classmates and I participated in the first ever MBA International Business Student Trip (IBST) run by our esteemed Professors, Dr. Michael Kitson and Dr. Christopher Marquis in Berlin, Germany.

During our time in Berlin, we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the art and science that is international business, learning both in the classroom and in the corporate world, in the fifth largest economy in the world and the largest economy in Europe.

Through academic lectures, we learnt about topics such as globalisation and international business, new forms of innovation in the global economy, the impact of formal and informal institutions on economic and cultural distance as well as institutional voids. Through experiential learning, we were hosted in-office by businesses of a variety of industries and sizes operating in Germany, including a major German multi-national pharmaceutical company, an advanced carbon accounting solutions software start-up, a local craft brewing company, and a social impact organisation. Additionally, our student group participated in an innovation forum where speakers from the innovation infrastructure of the city spoke about their experiences and insights.

My classmates and I took advantage of our time in Berlin to see and learn more about the city itself by taking a boat tour through Berlin ́s Spree river, touring the city’s major landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate and the East Side Gallery, and being hosted for dinner at The Dome of the Reichstag Building.

It has been an incredible time spent with my classmates and professors, and a wonderful note on which to end the MBA programme.

Special thanks to the Austral Education Group for organising this amazing experience, and to our Cambridge MBA Programme Team at the Business School for pioneering this adventure.

The MBA International Business Study Trip is one of the options for the Summer Term – for more details visit our Cambridge MBA Curriculum pages >