Football has always been my love. I started playing when I was 4 years old and committed myself wholly to the sport from then on. I played in college in the United States for the University of Virginia – an NCAA Division I team that is consistently ranked amongst the top programmes in the country. Playing at that level, while being a full-time student, was both challenging and rewarding. I learned to compete at the highest level, manage my time, and make personal sacrifices. After I graduated college, I did not ever think I would find myself in a similar situation.

Fast forward four years, and I am lucky enough to be a MBA student at Cambridge Judge Business School. CJBS was my top choice for business school because of project opportunities such as the Cambridge Venture Project (CVP) and Global Consulting Project (GCP), the uniqueness of the Cambridge College system, and the diversity of the student body. I have been validated in my decision since I arrived at Cambridge – but another unaccounted-for factor has made my choice a bit sweeter: Cambridge University Association Football Club (CUAFC).

Originally, I was not sure whether playing Varsity football while completing an MBA would be a wise option given the study workload, the commitments to my own College, as well as other interests. But after reflecting on my past and my love for the sport, I knew I would regret missing likely the final opportunity to be a part of a competitive football team again, surrounded by teammates that collectively perform to their highest potential. The practices have been a much-needed break from the rigours of the MBA curriculum, the team (and coaches) have introduced me to fabulous people outside of my CJBS cohort, and the games provide an escape where I can focus primarily on competing. I never dreamed that I would have had the chance to lace up my boots again in serious competition, to stand in a huddle listening to pregame coaching, or to sit on a travel bus envisioning success on the way to a big game, but I am grateful for every second of it.

I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to study at the University of Cambridge, growing alongside wonderful, thoughtful Cambridge Judge classmates and learning from inspiring CJBS faculty from around the world. The rich history of Cambridge is profound, and the beauty of the setting is truly indescribable. Playing for CUAFC has been the bow that ties together a holistic, fulfilling experience. I look forward to the Lent Term ahead and crushing Oxford’s Football Club in our Varsity match in March!

For more details on the 2024 Varsity Match coming up in March and the Cambridge University Association Football Club (CUAFC) visit their web pages here >