Twelve years ago, I obtained my Master’s degree in the UK and have since worked in finance and investment sectors. I have served in three Fortune500 companies, mainly dealing with cross-border M&A businesses. Before my MBA at the University of Cambridge, I held positions as the Investment Director at a listed company in China and simultaneously as the Managing Director of the owner’s family office, responsible for multinational investments.

From my perspective, we are experiencing a period of deglobalisation, but I feel that deglobalisation is not the end point; trade and capital co-operation between nations will continue to be the theme of the future world. Thus, I firmly believe that international investors can find many opportunities to create global capital co-operation. In the future, I hope I could work for an international mega fund investing across continents.

I am so grateful that the Cambridge Venture Project (CVP), as part of the MBA programme, has provided me with a valuable platform where I can establish my own global connections from various perspectives.

The Cambridge Venture Project

The MBA cohort at Cambridge Judge Business School is a diverse group with students from about 50 different countries, all experts in their respective fields. Therefore, we can establish connections among various countries and industries, generating collaborative ideas.

Unique courses at Cambridge Judge, such as Cambridge venture consulting project, allows us to form tightly-knit international teams with members from five different countries in our MBA Study Groups, supporting and assisting a Cambridge startup in completing a real-time live management consulting project.

In addition, the wider community and eco-system at Cambridge Judge, offers us great opportunities to engage with the world, such as face-to-face interactions with globally renowned economists, including Nobel Prize winners in Economics, and class sessions and lectures with big-name institutions sharing the current latest industry information.

Nobel Prize winner Michael Spence.

Additionally, apart from study and work, I love sports such as jogging. I often go on long runs with classmates from different countries, and this facilitates our strong friendships. Notably, Cambridge and Oxford hold various sports competitions annually, and this year I participated in Mob Running Match on behalf of the University of Cambridge, where this year we defeated Oxford University.

The MBA consulting project (CVP) provided me with an unprecedented top-tier platform where I could acquire pragmatic skills and high-quality international connections. In the future, I am keen to continue concentrating on connecting global capital among cross-market investments, and further enhancing Cambridge’s influence in capital markets around the globe.

We beat Oxford at Oxbridge Mob Running