Unlike most people, I was a Round 6 admit to the Cambridge MBA programme. I chose the last possible round to apply and almost didn’t press the final submit button on my application. But like I said, it was written in the stars; my interview was conducted within three days, and I had my offer letter in a week.

As a global citizen (born in India, raised in Dubai, and worked in Toronto before Cambridge), I was searching for an MBA experience that is diverse, inclusive, and global in every aspect. To say Cambridge has exceeded all my expectations would not be a lie. I have met some of the smartest, kindest and collaborative people in this cohort.

At this halfway checkpoint in my MBA journey, I want to reflect on my journey as an MBA Academic Student Representative and how fulfilling it has been to make a real difference in the MBA programme for the current and future cohorts. Not only was I able to gain insight into the academic side of the programme, but I, along with other Academic Student Representatives, was able to bridge the gap between the students and the MBA Programme Team. We were the spokesperson for the strong voices of our cohort, and I couldn’t be more proud of them.

In the last couple of months, I have learnt the art of negotiating, understood the nuances of game theory (and that maybe we are not as rational as we would like to believe), discussed the concept of power and how it is perceived and learnt about the existing energy and emissions policies.

As we advance, I am extremely excited about the upcoming Global Consulting Project (GCP). It is an excellent opportunity for us to implement our MBA learnings into a practical, real-world project and network with the business leaders.

The Cambridge MBA indeed extends beyond the classroom.