During the Easter Term break, a team of Cambridge MBA students had the unique opportunity to dive deep into a rapidly evolving megatrend. Through this immersive Global Consulting Project (GCP) with Triton Partners, a pre-eminent global investment firm, the team gained first-hand experience conducting in-depth industry and company analyses to unveil attractive investment opportunities.

The four-week MBA project began with a mission to comprehend the end-to-end landscape of the megatrend, including its underlying processes, real-world applications, and value chain implications. Desktop research laid the foundation, which was fortified through interviews with sector experts within Triton’s network and the University of Cambridge community. As the project progressed, the team pinpointed industries poised for transformation by the megatrend’s tailwinds. The analysis spotlighted potential acquisition targets that aligned with Triton’s investment criteria, including the development of a leveraged buyout model to showcase the return potential of an investment prospect.

The project culminated with a presentation of the research findings to Triton’s investment professionals from the London and Frankfurt offices. The novel insights were positively received by the Triton team, sparking insightful discussions centred on burgeoning investment themes and value creation strategies for prospective transactions.

The findings of this project will help strengthen Triton’s understanding of the rapidly emerging megatrend, and particularly its precursors, serving as a guiding foundation for deeper and more sophisticated investment theses to be developed around the previously unexplored space.

Beyond the project’s scope, the GCP was an unparalleled educational journey. The Cambridge MBA team derived great value from their engagement with Triton’s highly esteemed investment professionals, by expanding their knowledge base and developing their expertise in uncovering untapped investment opportunities, conducting granular-level investment analysis, and crafting cogent investment theses. In addition, the team benefited from leveraging the diverse experience and know-how of fellow team members, spanning investment banking and strategy consulting, to collaborate and upskill each other. The project presented an opportunity to employ the theoretical concepts and frameworks gained throughout the MBA programme in a real-life professional setting, accelerating the development of the team’s skillset and favourably contributing to the team’s post-MBA career ambitions.

The Cambridge MBA team is grateful to Sean Clay, Julian Pircher, and the entire Triton Partners team, for their guidance throughout this intellectually stimulating and dynamic project.

Thank you to the Cambridge MBA team (from left-to-right) – Martin Cheng, Stephanie Chen, Miguel de Nóbrega, Sandiran Pillay, and Marius Becker.

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