Join us at the CUTEC Technology Ventures Event, where innovation meets entrepreneurship! Established in 2003 by Cambridge University students and MIT Venture Capital Club members, CUTEC has become a driving force in scientific entrepreneurship. Our annual conference, held every June, connects entrepreneurs, academics, investors, and business professionals in Cambridge and beyond.

Experience one of the world’s largest student-run entrepreneurial events, attracting venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and angel investors from around the globe. CUTEC’s mission is to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit among academics and students, fostering interaction between industry experts and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Join us to connect, inspire, and enrich your entrepreneurial journey. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of the dynamic world of technology ventures!

Profiles of the MBA cohort, 2023-24, who are organising this year’s CUTEC Event.

Romit Kapoor – AI SIG Chair

Embarking on the MBA journey at Cambridge Judge Business School has been a transformative experience, particularly in collaborating with exceptionally talented peers across various disciplines. Looking forward to the CUTEC Technology Ventures Conference, I’m eager to lead an engaging AI panel, exploring innovative solutions to combat climate change through technological advancements.

Celina Lim – Vice President, CUTEC and Technology SIG Chair

As I embark on this new chapter of my professional journey, joining the MBA programme fills me with an immense sense of happiness and anticipation. The prospect of encountering fresh challenges and forming meaningful relationships excites me beyond measure. It’s a privilege to immerse myself in an environment that fosters growth, learning, and collaboration. Moreover, I am deeply appreciative of the opportunity to lead the CUTEC Technology Ventures alongside the chairs of other Special Interest Groups (SIGs). This responsibility presents a unique chance to contribute to the vibrant community of the MBA programme and make a tangible impact through innovative ventures.

Ahmed Khan – Chief Technology Officer, CUTEC

In my MBA journey at Cambridge, I have focused on strategic leadership and innovation, particularly in digital transformation. As the CTO of CUTEC, I have the unique opportunity to use my background in operations management and technology to foster an environment rich in intellectual exchange and creative disruption. The Technology Ventures Conference is an ideal platform to gather Cambridge’s brightest minds. This event is poised to spark ideas that will redefine industries, driving transformative advancements in technology and business.

Eli Auerbach – Fintech SIG Chair

At Cambridge Judge Business School, my MBA journey has centred on early-stage investing, drawing on my Investment Banking and FinTech experience. In my roles as an analyst at Cambridge Capital Group and as Chair of the FinTech SIG, I’ve engaged deeply with the startup ecosystems here in Cambridge. Our local networks play a crucial role in fostering our vibrant community. While the Technology Ventures Conference provides a backdrop, it’s our collective insights and experiences that drive AI and DeepTech entrepreneurship forward in Cambridge. Let’s continue to explore and expand the boundaries of technology and innovation together.

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