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Winning our ESG and Climate Change Case Competitions

Hiro: In the Lent Term, two Cambridge MBA teams (Kenji, Hugo, Vimal, Matis / SJ, Arif, Chizara, Daisuke, Hiro) won first place across two separate Case Competitions – both covering ESG and Climate Change in their focus. Reflecting here on our activity and wonderful experiences. What kind of business competition did you join? SJ: The […]

A climate change solution: sustainable timber REIT

We need innovative solutions to address globally pressing issues, and the Climate Investment Challenge, organised by Imperial’s Centre for Climate Finance and Investment, aims to address this. We knew that joining the competition would be a great chance to, not only explore potential solutions, but also to expand the knowledge and skills we had acquired […]

Meeting Entrepreneurial Partners and winning prizes

Meeting Entrepreneurial Partners and winning prizes

One of the extra special things about Cambridge MBA is to be embraced by the larger University of Cambridge platform. Once you become matriculated at your College, you meet students from multidisciplinary backgrounds at formal dinners, specific college events, as well at the official clubs that span the University itself. I met my life-time long […]