There were three important reasons why I chose Cambridge Judge Business School over other schools: university ecosystem, one-year program structure,  plus the Health and Entrepreneurship concentrations.

Our first six weeks of Michaelmas term have confirmed all of these, particularly the rigorous nature of the program. There wasn’t a single moment where weren’t learning or networking. While academics was at its best, student interest groups expanded our horizons on professional and the networking world. If business modeling using Excel and @Risk thrilled and challenged us, the Cambridge Venture Project connected us to the real-world problems of new ventures. Some of us chose Cambridge University Union Society events and dinners; some attended a fascinating talk on ‘Molecules of Murder’; a team is preparing to represent Cambridge in AT Kearney Case Competition at European level; a few have been rowing in the chilly mornings of Cambridge and at least a few in-class entrepreneurs are already finalising their new company launches. If this can occur in any business school in the world, it is only at Cambridge Judge Business School.

Just to state a studious example of our experiences: in our Corporate Finance class today, we did a market valuation of LinkedIn by employing the concepts of cost of capital, cost of equity, WACC, leverage ratio, risk free return, market return, equity beta etc. We learned how intriguing valuations of a company could be – an engaging conversation throughout!

It’s been such a privilege to be a part of our business school that is so unique and a special part of this wonderful university ecosystem. The calibre, intellect and leadership potential of my class will never let me bet against my friends becoming the future and responsible leaders of the world!

Oh, for now, I have to run to finalise my tech team for Silicon Valley Comes to UK – just one additional thing one can do! For every interest I am a part of, I miss twenty others. I wish I had more than 24 hours a day!