Silicon Valley Comes to the UK (SVC2UK) is a not-for profit series of industry supported events led by business leaders, investors and serial entrepreneurs, and run by students. It has been designed to drive growth by entrepreneurship in the UK, Europe and beyond. This year, we are going to deliver 35 top-notch events to 6500+ people!

The decision to take part in this fascinating organisation was a no-brainer for me with a strong passion in technology and innovation. So, I decided to be the Event Manager of the kick-off panel, focusing on the future of Education Technologies. This panel will welcome six high-profile speakers from Silicon Valley and Cambridge clusters, and 450+ high-profile attendances, including prominent business leaders, angel and VC investors, serial entrepreneurs, academics, and students.

The panellists will try to answer the question: What will the life of an ‘education consumer’  be in ten years’ time if my company is as successful as I want it to be?  The audience will go through a journey of “best practices” in the world of education; such as YouTube/Google education channel, or K12 classroom. We will discuss the business models and innovations in the field of education technologies, such as social media interactions, usage of mobile applications, large scale online graduate programmes, and many more disruptive technologies that will transform learning experience and help companies scale up their businesses.

As a part of the core team, I have been working with cross-functional teams (Marketing, Logistics, IT/AV, and Recruitment) since September to make this event happen. These teams comprise of current Cambridge MBA students, several Undergrad/Postgrad students from different disciplines, some impressive Alumni who are keeping up with the pace of the event preparation in addition to their demanding professional lives, and mentors who are experts in the field of education. As you could imagine, SVC2UK provides a brilliant environment to work with a very diverse and high-calibre team of people from different walks of life, learn from them, and put into practice what you have been learning during your MBA studies.

Preparations done, less than one week left! Fingers crossed…