A few weeks ago, amidst my preparations for Cambridge, I realised I had not yet watched The Theory of Everything, the film of Stephen Hawking as a student at Cambridge. This was immediately pushed to the top of my to-do list, for what better way to get into the mindset of the upcoming year than to watch a film based in Cambridge, about one of its most famous alums!  In the upbeat manner that only a Hollywood film can truly achieve, the bittersweet message that time is limited, but that great things can be achieved, couldn’t be more perfectly depicted than in the uplifting story of Hawking’s discoveries and success.

The year ahead is a significant one for all of us: new locale, new subjects, new careers and of course no denying it, plenty of what’s, if’s, and but’s.  However, there couldn’t have been a better reminder than watching The Theory of Everything, that it’s not the time to belabor all of the unknowns, but instead jump in and aim to thrive in the upcoming adventure.  More than one current Cambridge Judge student shared with me, that with so many opportunities available in Cambridge (classes, school work, Judge life, college life, university life, competitions, career search and networking), there’s clearly a lot of amazing things to take part in but finding the time for it is the hardest part.  Well, I think I’ve found the theme for the year, but my advice to myself, and my future classmates, is to soak in and throw ourselves into the next 12 months.  There are plenty of discoveries in store, and with a sprinkling of Hawking’s quotes, the things I am most looking forward to include: career growth, new friendships and networks, and the discovery of a new city.

St. John's College. Credit: Joanna Bowzyk.

St. John’s College

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”: As with many of my fellow students, I am arriving at Cambridge Judge with the goal of making a career change.  With a background in media and advertising, I’m seeking to expand my skill set and business acumen.  In addition to our upcoming classes, I look forward to the group projects, international experience, and elective ‘Concentrations’.  Undoubtedly my goals and direction will change as my business experience develops, but this I welcome, for it will only help me better solidify my future career.

“Quiet people have the loudest minds”:  Luckily, without setting foot on campus since my interview, I already feel a part of the Cambridge community.  With an attentive Admissions teams, an active Facebook page of current and future students, and this diverse student blog, there has already been lots of shared knowledge.  Students and the Admissions team have emphasised the fact that the Cambridge MBA is collaborative and based on what I have witnessed thus far, I am gratefully already finding this to be true.

“Look up at the stars not down at your feet”Exploring new cities is one of my favorite things and discovering this charming British city, its history and traditions, is extremely exciting.  Having google-mapped my way around Cambridge, more than once, I am looking forward to finally putting two solid feet back on the cobblestones in this town.

I look forward to meeting you all, learning from you all, and watching as we grow personally and professionally.