WHO blog pic

As our project with the World Health Organisation (WHO) goes into full swing, we found ourselves having to split into sub-teams to conduct interviews with various departments within the client’s organisation. We went through the school’s well-equipped databases, scrutinised reports and publicly available information, and presented our individual findings to one another.

Hours were spent in school brainstorming possible options to tackle our client’s task for us. We are grateful for the experiences we have had during the Cambridge Venture Project, which we felt equipped us for the Global Consulting Project. Whilst the work was intense, the group dynamics were well preserved and we experienced no friction even though we had to face each other for at least six hours every single day!


Our effort to get to know each other better continues this week with yet another cookout session! In our determination to get things done, our cookout session was coupled together with a brainstorm session at Hughes Hall. Chef Allegra’s multi-tasking skills were put to the test, while preparing multiple dishes for our ever-hungry tummies, she also has to pay attention to the ideas being put forward and involve herself in a lively discussion!

We also kept our mentor updated with the progress of our project. We found the supervising faculty very helpful and always led us in the right direction, whether it was connecting us with the right people, or guiding us to the required areas of research.