Three weeks of research, brainstorming and client interviews, led us to this day. We are finally on board our flight to Geneva, Switzerland, to meet our client and present our final deliverables! This will be our first time meeting our client face to face, but we had no qualms about it as we kept in constant contact with the team at the World Health Organisation.

We woke up at an ungodly hour just to catch the train to Stansted to make it in time for our early flight out. Upon arrival, we made it to our accommodation and quickly left to explore the city! Our hunt for lunch brought us to Lake Geneva and we took a leisurely stroll around the Old Town. We climbed up St Pierre Cathedral to catch a glimpse of Geneva from above. We drank out of water fountains and returned to our accommodation to prepare for our final presentation.

The next morning, we were at the height of our excitement, eager to visit WHO’s offices and deliver our presentation. We were ushered into a meeting room and presented our deliverables in front of an audience of 10 people. We were then brought to the rooftop of WHO to have a view of the mountains surrounding Geneva.

WHO team with client

We appreciated the client’s feedback, and were ecstatic that the client commented that they could tell that the team had great dynamics which shone throughout the project. We felt that while meeting the objectives of the client was the main objective during the Global Consulting Project, the opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds (both cultural and professional) were invaluable. We made great friends during this project, and learned so much about how different cultures can meet and work together.