Addenbrookes blog week 3

“I’ve worked with a lot of MBA students over the past few years. And this group is by far the friendliest group and has worked exceptionally well together as a team.”
– Lawrence Ashelford, introducing the Addenbrooke’s GCP team at the final presentation.

The team was a bit nervous at the outset of the final presentation, as more audience members than anticipated arrived. There was a group of dozen researchers, senior managers at NHS and senior consultants from Addenbrooke’s. The team began this project with the goal of generating momentum regarding improvement in a specific domain at Addenbrooke’s, and decisively accomplished this as the Q&A session was largely an exploration of the major issues facing Addenbrooke’s and how to best accomplish this.

Looking back on this GCP, the Addenbrooke’s team has learned several important lessons. “Whenever I mentioned I was working on the Addenbrooke’s GCP, I loved hearing people’s stories about their experiences with healthcare,” says Aditya Nigudkar. “It was so exciting to be a part of a GCP that had the opportunity to make an impact on a hospital and healthcare system that serves our community.” Kit Hobbs shared a similar sentiment, and became attune to the intricacies of the NHS and noted the importance of managers and doctors coming together to solve major issues. Kit relished the chance to work in a community he feels strongly connected to as a Cambridge undergraduate alumnus.

“I wish I could do a GCP with everyone in the business school, because it was
such a powerful bonding experience.”
– Dante Palazzo

Dante Palazzo was energized by the opportunity to work in a field that is completely different to his career in Strategy and Finance at Coca Cola. He applied tools from his previous career, which he has fine-tuned during the MBA to generate a very strong quantitative analysis and presentation for the project. One of the presentation attendees noted that the slide deck rivaled those of top consultancies.

This project represented a lot of important things coming together for Neil Dubey, with his background in clinical medicine. He gained significant experience in working in a diverse team and gaining perspectives from individuals across the totem pole in hospitals. The most memorable part of this project for Neil was visiting the operating theatre in a non-medical role to interview different healthcare workers and observe flow of procedures from an operational standpoint.

All in all, the team is grateful for the opportunity to work at Addenbrooke’s Hospital and feels lucky to have worked with such wonderful people along the way.

Team Addenbrookes