“The MIINT Competition was an amazing experience and one of the highlights of the Cambridge MBA. It enabled me to learn about impact investing in a very practical way and to benefit from top notch learning resources prepared by the organisers and industry practitioners.

During the sourcing stage of the competition, I particularly enjoyed the incredible opportunity to talk to the founders of impact ventures and discover a wealth of innovative business ideas. The founders that we contacted were very keen to promote their ventures to impact investors and therefore were very willing to interact with us. During this process, I became well acquainted with the University of Cambridge entrepreneurship ecosystem. To this day, I remain in close contact with some of the founders that I met through the competition, which is an amazing opportunity for someone interested in a career in social entrepreneurship.

During the due diligence stage of the MIINT competition, the focus was on assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the impact start-up that the group chose to present in front of the final investment committee. This was a great opportunity to learn to structure a comprehensive investment recommendation by assessing the business along the three dimensions of risk, return and impact. I was working in investment management before my MBA but I was not particularly well acquainted with impact measurement methodologies. The materials and guidance offered by the organisers were particularly helpful to learn about building an impact assessment, a skill increasingly in high demand, even in the mainstream investment industry.

The MIINT programme was also a great opportunity to network with students at other business schools (several inter-school events were organised) and interact with industry practitioners. Overall, I would highly recommend to students with an interest in impact investing and/or social entrepreneurship to participate in the MIINT programme, which is a great supplement to the courses and experiences across the Cambridge MBA curriculum”.

Yann worked with Cambridge MBA Class of 2020/21 team – Stephanie Esuola, Charlie Foster, Harsh Mohta and Ashish Khanna, to present an investment recommendation for Zedify UK, which provides zero-carbon last mile delivery in several UK cities.

The MIINT team also worked with the wider Cambridge Judge Business School community including Cambridge Social Ventures and mentor and Fellow of Social Innovation Belinda Bell.

The Turner MBA Impact Investing Network & Training (MIINT) is an experiential lab designed to give students at business and graduate schools a hands-on education in impact investing.

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