I had the privilege of doing my MBA Global Consulting Project with the United Nations Defeat-NCD Partnership. My teammates and I – Dhananjay Dixit, Jim Chang, Tim Belitza, and Yoshin Nakamura – successfully developed a business case and investment pitch for a set of satellite cancer centres in Rwanda, to improve health outcomes impacted by non-communicable diseases. Our team helped the government of Rwanda and relevant stakeholders determine the order in which they should implement their chosen NCD initiatives and which potential funders to work with.

The Cambridge MBA GCP project provided me with the opportunity to apply many learnings from courses like Strategy, Corporate Finance, and Management Praxis, in a tangible and impactful way. With a wide range of impressive projects to choose from, I picked a project that aligns well with my background and my future career aspirations – global health strategy. The project validated not only my desire to continue to work in this space, but also my ability to contribute productively now that I am equipped with skills and tools from my MBA year. The Global Consulting Project was one of the main reasons I chose the Cambridge MBA programme and I am glad I did!

The highlight of the GCP for me was my team!

It is really important for me to be a part of a team that I will work well with and have fun with. Our skills and strengths complemented each other’s perfectly, allowing us to learn from each other and deliver a really strong deliverable to our clients. I know that they are lifelong friends who I can count on to support me throughout my future personal and professional development.

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