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From Cambridge to Edinburgh and beyond

From Cambridge to Edinburgh and beyond

Once upon a time, Cambridge students made history at the world’s largest arts festival – the annual Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Sponsored by the Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society (CUMTS) these students brought a brand new musical about Henry VIII’s wives, called SIX. The show took off and is now a Tony Award-winning phenomenon taking Broadway, […]

My Cambridge MBA Global Consulting Project (GCP) with United Nations Defeat-NCD Partnership

I had the privilege of doing my MBA Global Consulting Project with the United Nations Defeat-NCD Partnership. My teammates and I – Dhananjay Dixit, Jim Chang, Tim Belitza, and Yoshin Nakamura – successfully developed a business case and investment pitch for a set of satellite cancer centres in Rwanda, to improve health outcomes impacted by […]

From the Military to an MBA at Cambridge

Katherine Danielson served for seven years in the U.S. Army as a broadcast journalist and public affairs specialist. Her work was consistently published on military news stations as well as international media outlets such as CNN, BBC, Reuters, and Al Jazeera. She was deployed to Iraq to cover the final year of the U.S. military mission across […]