I have a background in pharmacology and worked in clinical trials in London for six years before starting the MBA.  I came to Cambridge with a curiosity to learn more about different aspects of business that I had never been exposed to, and an appetite for growth and for some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.  Already, I feel like I have achieved more than I had hoped for at Cambridge.

In the first term, I have had so many opportunities to step outside of my comfort zone.  In our Cambridge Venture Project, my team was allocated a client in deep tech, working in the electric vehicle charging industry.  I had no background in that sector, but that made for a unique and exciting learning experience.  I had another opportunity to delve into a topic I was previously unfamiliar with as part of our Financial Report and Analysis class, where I took part in a podcast with Harvard Professor Ethan Rouen, discussing current issues with and how to improve ESG reporting. 

Throughout the term, I have found that the discursive nature of lectures, often focusing on case studies and real-life examples, fosters an environment where you learn immensely from professors and colleagues alike.  Being surrounded by such supportive, accomplished and brilliant people from all walks of life has been a highlight. 

I have attempted to take advantage of the wide range of extracurricular opportunities available this MBA year.  At the start of the academic year, I joined the University of Cambridge Blues Basketball team.  In our first game, we beat Oxford at home – which felt pretty iconic.  Playing on the team has given my MBA year a whole new dimension outside of my college and the Business School.  Balancing training and games, which can take place all over the UK, with the workload and responsibilities of the Cambridge MBA has been a challenge, albeit a very welcome one. 

In November, partnering with colleagues from the Biotech, Pharma and Healthcare Special Interest Group that I co-chair, I took part in Gilead’s annual pharma case study.  The late nights were actually a pleasure when working with such talented and hardworking individuals, and we ended up coming in second place.

So far, the Cambridge MBA has been an incredible experience, filled with opportunities and challenges that I would not have encountered anywhere else. 

I’m very much looking forward to what is yet to come in 2023.

Matilde Luce is a Dean’s scholarship recipient – for more details on our MBA scholarships >

All Cambridge basketball photos by Kane Smith.