What the Cambridge MBA offered me in the Michaelmas Term was not just the eight core MBA courses, but the Cambridge Venture Project, the careers training, and the 221 amazing classmates from the cohort. What impressed me the most was the opportunities to connect with the broader Cambridge ecosystem through the MBA programme.

I had heard about the Cambridge entrepreneur ecosystem before I came. But I didn’t really understand how it actually works and why that it mattered, until I started to set foot in it. Having been working in the banking sector for the past six years before I joined the MBA programme, I am a firm believer that capital support is a powerful tool to accelerate the growth of a company. However, in addition to the pure financial return, I am always looking for more, namely the actual impact by deploying the capital. Being curious in the impact investing space, I started to connect with the entrepreneurs, as well as the accelerator and incubator organisations under the Cambridge ecosystem when I was working on an impact investing programme with a team of five. I was very impressed that everyone we reached out was so passionate about what they do, and was very willing to share their journey. On top of the classroom teaching, and the advice provided by the careers team, such experience to interact with the entrepreneurial ecosystem across Cambridge, will also be extremely helpful for my career transition.

The broader eco-system also includes the 31 colleges in Cambridge. Despite my busy schedule, I tried to spend a meaningful amount of time with Darwin College, which is my home away from home. I am not a team sport person, but I decided to try out rowing with the Darwin team in Michaelmas Term. The moments struggling on the boat, the first ray of sunrise during the morning training, the moment when the eight of us were synchronising on the move, all became the treasure in my memory.

Oh, the picturesque corners in Cambridge are also part of the broader experience that I really enjoyed. When I had a class-free morning, or needed to clear my mind, I just went for a photo walk with my camera, capturing the stunning views of Cambridge from dawn till dusk, from summer to winter.

With the appearance of variants, we all still face uncertainties and some restrictions due to COVID-19. I am very grateful for the effort from the MBA programme team, Cambridge Judge faculty, and all the staff at the Darwin College community to help bring our experience across the Michaelmas Term closer to the normal. With all the exciting opportunities both inside and outside of the Cambridge Judge community, I hope that I have picked up some skills on priority setting and time management for my CJBS adventure in the coming terms!