Since the first day I started meeting colleagues from my MBA cohort I realised
quickly that this wasn’t an ordinary group of people that you’d just come across in a
job. Each individual has an exceptional story to tell, either about their past
experiences or how they see the world moving forward.

This made me think “365 days of random interactions isn’t enough!” – So how do I organise and maximise the in depth conversations on a one to one level and share that with the world?

That’s how MBA Mic was born.

Hosting a podcast is helping me capture extremely valuable conversations with
people from my cohort. Two episodes later I have noticed novel topics coming out of
them naturally – for example, how travelling to Mars may help us push our technology
on Earth forward with TedExSGH speaker Kornel Grunwald (Episode 1), or how chemical addiction may be a big concern for space travellers with MBA scholarship recipient, Alastair Dunne, (Episode 2).

I learnt early on that past Cambridge MBA students had run similar podcasts, such as the Leading
Insights Series
in 2021, but rather than focus on interviews with exceptional
people outside the School, I decided to do the same for exceptional
stories inside the School.

The Cambridge MBA is one of the most substantial learning journeys that I have ever taken.
One that I believe will continue giving a return on investment beyond just my career,
CV or networking activities.

It is an adventure that you can build to achieve anything.

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