Being a Cambridge student has always been my dream. And in 2019, I was such an honour to have joined the Cambridge MBA, which gave me so many opportunities for my career transition, including more exposure to the finance sector. More importantly, I truly enjoyed the exceptional “Cambridge experience” that I could never have had anywhere else in the world.

After my MBA year in Cambridge, I was working in the tech and financial consulting industries. During these two years, I realised I would like to expand my knowledge horizon in finance that bit further for my career progression, in areas such as M&A and equity valuation, for example. I was also keen to gain more in-depth knowledge of financial modelling and private equity. The MFin at Cambridge Judge Business School was undoubtedly my one and only choice, because of the deep and strong connection I have with the University, as well as the cohort’s diversity in terms of nationalities and different professional backgrounds.

Coming back to Cambridge Judge, the place where I belong, after two years is like a dream come true. It reminds me of all the wonderful memories I had here, and that everything is now about to start again. At the start of the Cambridge MFin, I couldn’t help feeling a little excited and nervous because I was aware that the programme is challenging and more technical than the MBA was. Luckily, I am not alone on this journey and am now surrounded by many smart and supportive classmates and MFin teams, who are more than willing to help me make the most of my MFin year.

I also received a warm welcome from the new college – Queens’ College (I was previously a member of Clare College). I am really blessed to have another chance to enjoy my Cambridge life for one more year: going punting, exploring many beautiful colleges, and attending a lot more Cambridge Formal Dinners, getting to know many new people from across the colleges.

As a Cambridge MBA alumna, this is a treasured opportunity to return to Cambridge, to further develop my technical skills in a familiar and warm learning environment. I already know this is going to be one of the best years of my life. After all, I couldn’t be happier to be able to fulfil my dreams…  twice!

Thank you, Cambridge and Cambridge Judge Business School.