With (almost) ten years of work experience and two Masters in Engineering in my resume, I was in a position where I had a strong foundation in the technical domain. Having led many projects successfully, I wanted to move to the decision-making side of the picture and use the soft skills I have developed along the way. After talking to my mentors and with bit of research, it was clear to me that the best way to build the gaps in knowledge and make that transition will be to learn the big picture about how businesses work and companies operate. And the best way to learn the fundamentals of business, an MBA!

However, it was difficult for me to make a decision to choose the school for my third master. I wanted a brand that would be recognised globally, one that would enable me to achieve my true potential and most importantly, see me as a candidate with the whole sum of my experiences.

One month into the Cambridge MBA and Cambridge Judge Business School has fulfilled each and every one of those expectations! With hand on my heart, I can say that the MBA programme at Cambridge does everything and a little more to get you out of your comfort zone, push you to the maximum and challenge your limits.

I am often surprised at my own self – I have never felt this stimulated and this productive ever! Every day is a new day with its own set of challenges. Careful curation of the MBA Streams and the Study Groups add a new dimension to the Cambridge experience.

I had always felt the statement “you would learn a lot form your cohort” to be over-hyped, and I could not be more wrong. It’s a juxtaposition of feelings: pride and humility when you see yourself surrounded by so many accomplished marvelous individuals.

#ThisWillChangeYou in ways you could have never imagined. I am looking forward to a rigorous, enjoyable and life changing year ahead at Cambridge Judge.