When I learnt about a tech entrepreneur society with thousands of members a month before my Cambridge MBA, I realised I had to join. I was chosen for the Director of Marketing Strategy role at CUTEC.

This role promised to help me refine my marketing management skills, but also help me meet hundreds of student founders at the University of Cambridge, as well as across the wider ecosystem in Cambridge, the tech capital of the world.

Fast forward to a month after completing my MBA at Cambridge, I realised what a valuable decision that was. I got to learn from many smart ambitious students looking to launch the next tech unicorn and I also developed critical marketing skills. I discovered the Cambridge Blockchain Society within the amazing Cambridge ecosystem; they also organised a number of inspirational talks and meet-ups that I was able to attend. 

I learnt how talking to strangers in panels and also being in a setting with booths wasn’t as daunting as it seemed initially – especially if you are representing a great company of talent.

The contact network established during my time at CUTEC helped me promote my DeFi startup, LIQUIFIED, very organically in the Cambridge circle. I have discovered how both CUTEC and Cambridge Blockchain Society connections have helped our startup discover talent, as well as prospective VCs. 

We are still in the very early building days of LIQUIFIED, but it is clear that having a platform to connect with entrepreneurs and talent can make the life of an entrepreneur so much easier.

I would recommend to any MBA student to join as many relevant societies as possible across the University and to follow their hearts in Cambridge. It is possible that they might meet their next co-founder serendipitously at a college coffee meet, as I did, or generate inspiration by just bouncing ideas off the enormous range of exciting Cambridge minds.

It is amazing how interconnected all the student tech societies are across the UK, for example, – I have now built connections with the King’s College London Tech society, met tech entrepreneurs from Oxford University and Imperial College and published content for a 5000-member crypto newsletter. The network keeps growing!

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