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MBA alumna story – Aunt and nephew share a St Catharine’s College connection

Two generations from the same family have chosen to pursue postgraduate courses at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge (fondly known as Catz) and enjoyed similar experiences at the College two decades apart. We recently had the opportunity to interview alumna Amanda Lo (MBA 2001) and her nephew William Lan (a Medical Sciences MPhil student specialising in psychiatry) […]

Three reasons for choosing Cambridge Judge as a tech sector builder

In the eyes of entrepreneurs, the MBA at Cambridge Judge Business School is a unique existence, because you can not only learn the business skills required for entrepreneurship, participate in the business school’s entrepreneurial incubator, and receive professional guidance, but also have links to the entire University of Cambridge eco-system. Have a clear self-understanding: Why […]

Black History Month being celebrated by our newest MBA cohort

Black History Month being celebrated by our newest MBA cohort

Celebrating our MBA students and Cambridge Judge Business School alumni making their own History as part of the UK’s Black History Month. “Black History Month holds significant importance for me, both personally and professionally. It is a time to celebrate the rich heritage, culture, and contributions of the Black community. This initiative serves as a […]

Dental drills to MBA skills: Cambridge MBA genesis 

Life’s a fascinating journey, and sometimes it takes unexpected turns that lead us to remarkable destinations. My story is a testament to the power of passion, ambition, and the pursuit of new horizons.  As a dentist with a Master’s in Oral Medicine and Radiology, I was well-versed in the nuanced dimension of clinical practice and […]

A career in climate and energy – the 2023 Energy Conference – Cambridge University Energy Network (C

A career in climate and energy – the 2023 Energy Conference – Cambridge University Energy Network (CUEN)

Entering the Cambridge MBA, I was uncertain about what to expect. Despite receiving encouragement from family, friends, and mentors, I wondered: how much could one programme really change who I was as a person and a professional? Prior to the MBA, I had spent most of my career working for an infrastructure investment fund in […]

Kendo at Cambridge – my personal MBA challenge

Kendo at Cambridge – my personal MBA challenge

The Cambridge MBA provides a lot of things to do for its students. They include not only opportunities to make your business successful or elevate your business skills but also the opportunity to broaden your horizons or make your life better by taking advantage of the wider University of Cambridge community and resources. In my […]

From the Energy sector to Ice Hockey – making the most of your Cambridge MBA year

For many candidates like myself, a major draw to the Cambridge MBA at Cambridge Judge Business School was the opportunity to become involved in the greater University of Cambridge experience. This is achieved in many ways, whether it’s through your Cambridge College, a sports club, a university society, or many other collaborative opportunities to expand […]

‘This team is Epic’ – our Cambridge MBA Global Consulting Project with Epic Games

‘This team is Epic’ – our Cambridge MBA Global Consulting Project with Epic Games

Since the beginning of our Cambridge MBA experience, we were all excited to get involved in the Global Consulting Project (GCP) as it is a great opportunity for in-depth research in a subject of interest, meaningful teamwork, and impactful collaboration with a leading company in a business. We specifically approached Epic Games’ gaming division as […]

Co-founding and moderating a Leadership Series – moments to share

What do Mohamed El-Erian (President Queens’ College, Cambridge, & former CEO of PIMCO), Fagun Thakar (Actress, Director, CEO of Fagun Foundation & Cambridge EMBA ‘21), and Timo Boldt (Founder & CEO of Gousto) have in common? Together with many other esteemed guests, they were part of our ‘Leading Insights’ series this year. ‘Leading Insights’ was […]

Our MBA Global Consulting Project (GCP) – World Wide Fund for Nature

What was your Cambridge MBA Global Consulting Project experience like overall? The Global Consulting Project (GCP) was an opportunity for our team to bring together our past experiences, our current learnings, and our future goals. We were looking for an opportunity to make a practical difference for a cause we really believed in. While the […]

A diverse community of nations – the Special Interest Groups for Cambridge MBA Class of 2020/1

In the second blog in our series on Special Interest Groups for the MBA Class of 2020/1 we focus on the country and region SIGs represented across the cohort.   Coming to Cambridge and being part of a Special Interest Group or SIG is part of the attraction. Combining rigorous academics with a rich extra-curricular experience across the business school, as well as the wider Cambridge University community, will help our MBAs build and foster a strong […]

MBA Global Consulting Project – Advancing the Economic Development of African Fe

The Cambridge MBA opens new doors, it allows you to be curious and to explore unexpected opportunities; to develop a global network, make lifelong friendships and benefit from renowned academic faculty. This is what I was promised, and I feel privileged that this was what I discovered to be true. The Global Consulting Project (GCP) […]