This spring, our team of ambitious MBA students – Nattamon Intaratanoo, Rushali Bhandari, Juan Carlos Revoredo Sifuentes, Prachi Dewangan, Zizhuo Li from Cambridge Judge Business School embarked on a challenging consulting project with Porsche Consulting. Tasked with identifying opportunities for innovation in the rail transportation sector, their mission was to apply strategic thinking and innovative solutions to address customer satisfaction in a rapidly changing industry landscape.

Embarking on the Journey

With diverse backgrounds and a wealth of perspectives, our MBA Global Consulting Project (GCP) team brought together a vibrant mix of cultures and experiences. This diversity was our greatest strength, allowing us to approach problems from multiple angles and develop more comprehensive strategies. The project kicked off with an in-depth analysis of the industry, guided by the strategic frameworks and innovative thinking instilled in us through our MBA coursework.

Team Dynamics and Leadership

Throughout the GCP project, leadership and teamwork were pivotal. We practiced a collaborative leadership style, where team members took turns steering the group based on their strengths and areas of expertise. This approach not only fostered a sense of ownership among all members but also highlighted the importance of adaptability and shared responsibility in achieving common goals.

Strategic Thinking

Innovation was at the core of our strategy. We challenged ourselves to think beyond conventional solutions, pushing the boundaries of creativity to propose ideas that could revolutionize the user experience and operational efficiency. Strategic thinking was crucial as we prioritised these innovations, ensuring they were not only inventive but also viable and aligned with the long-term goals of the industry.

Culture of Collaboration

Our project’s success was largely due to our commitment to a culture of open communication and mutual respect. Regular brainstorming sessions became a melting pot of ideas, where each suggestion was valued and explored. This collaborative environment allowed us to merge diverse insights into a unified strategic vision.

Reflections and Learnings from the Team

Participating in this project allowed us to transform theoretical knowledge from our MBA studies into practical, real-world applications. We learnt the importance of integrating diverse perspectives into business strategies, the value of adaptive leadership, and the impact of innovative thinking on traditional industries.

One of the most rewarding aspects of the project was seeing how different ideas and approaches came together to form a cohesive strategy. It was a real-life lesson in the power of diversity and teamwork.

Looking Forward

As we move forward in our post-MBA careers, the lessons learnt from this consulting project will continue to influence our professional approaches and personal development. This experience has not only deepened our understanding of strategic and innovative practices but has also reinforced the importance of teamwork and leadership in the face of complex challenges.

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