I have completed my studies at the University of Cambridge.

Firstly, I want to express my profound gratitude to those who have stood by me through any difference and challenge – my beloved family.

Hailing from humble beginnings, my parents neither attended university or established a business. They migrated from the former Soviet Union to Germany, working in factories, and performing manual labour to secure the best possible future for my sister and me. Not only their unwavering moral support, but also their financial backing, has made this dream a reality.

Love and pride fill my heart when I look at us.

Secondly, there was never a moment during the MBA when I did not feel understood and encouraged by the professors and staff at Cambridge Judge Business School.

Gishan Dissanaike made the Finance course accessible to all, and David Chambers, aided by Elias L. Ohneberg, patiently answered every question posed during our classes. Among others, Alberto Feduzi, Allegre Hadida, Lionel Paolella and Michael Kitson, elucidated the keys to success in their areas to me personally. Also, Nektarios Oraiopoulos guided me through my final project, and Conrad Chua listened to every idea I had for the MBA Programme!

Last but not least, the Careers Team at Cambridge Judge, provided unwavering assistance, helping me throughout the application process and with my career pathway.

This milestone is not an end, but a stepping stone toward realising more aspirations. With higher determination and confidence, I embrace all challenges and opportunities ahead.

The future is bright!