Since the beginning of our Cambridge MBA experience, we were all excited to get involved in the Global Consulting Project (GCP) as it is a great opportunity for in-depth research in a subject of interest, meaningful teamwork, and impactful collaboration with a leading company in a business. We specifically approached Epic Games’ gaming division as they faced a challenge on how to expand their leading product, the Unreal Engine, in the EMEA region, and sought to take advantage of the emerging gaming opportunities around the burgeoning concept of the Metaverse.

Originally, we worked on a pitch deck we presented to the client referring to potential areas we could help them explore through the GCP. Once we received confirmation that Epic Games wished to proceed with the venture, we formulated a team of five to work on the project. For the member selection of our team, we focused on the motivation, passion, and hardworking approach each one had towards the project. We spent time clarifying our expectations from the project and availability to work on the different tasks to ensure clarity amongst the team members. After extensive brainstorming exercises and team meetings we agreed with Epic Games on a feasible and implementable scope that we would research during our GCP.

During our project we deep dived into the details of the Metaverse and the gaming industry, whilst we performed market expansion and strategic penetration in different countries. Moreover, we managed to develop a deeper understanding of each other’s personality and culture. We created space for each one of us to grow and learn, whilst we were also exposed to new ways of performing tasks. Everyone contributed and shared their views, during the project. In spite of a multi-cultural team and varied working styles, we were all able to create a space for each one of us to feel involved, resulting in producing a useful outcome for our client, as well as securing favourable comments on our work from our GCP mentor (usually a member of Cambridge Judge faculty).

As a team we implemented a plethora of concepts and learnings acquired in our MBA coursework modules, as well as the core Marketing class from the Lent term.

Our recommendations were received positively from Epic Games, who then subsequently asked us to present to other members of the wider business. Due to the success of the project as well as our hard work, we are currently negotiating with our client to continue the collaboration over the summer, through the MBA individual summer projects options.

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