Celebrating our MBA students and Cambridge Judge Business School alumni making their own History as part of the UK’s Black History Month.

“Black History Month holds significant importance for me, both personally and professionally. It is a time to celebrate the rich heritage, culture, and contributions of the Black community. This initiative serves as a powerful reminder of the struggles, triumphs, and resilience of Black individuals throughout history.

Furthermore, as an MBA student, Black History Month motivates me to actively engage in conversations and initiatives aimed at promoting diversity in the Business School, Cambridge University and the world at large. It reminds me of the responsibility we have, as future leaders, to champion inclusivity and create environments where every voice is heard and valued.”

Dayo Lawal, Cambridge MBA Class of 2023, Nigeria.

Black History means a lot of things to me.

“I think about the brilliance of Black leaders past and present and the bravery to stand up to oppression. I think of liberation and I think about what it means to love yourself. I think about being authentically me and taking action in the face of injustice. I think about celebrating Black culture and heritage. Lastly, I think about the power of knowledge and the beauty in kindness.”

Hugo Mkhize, Cambridge MBA Class of 2023, South African.

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